Lyrics Review of Skylar Grey’s “I Know You” from Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack

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Just hours after being teased with a snippet of a song by The Weeknd from the film Fifty Shades of Grey, we can enjoy another full song from the film’s soundtrack. This time, Skylar Gray takes us on an emotional ride, giving voice to Anna from the film. “I Know You” is sung from Anastasia Steele’s perspective, and it sounds like she’s on the verge of relationship closure.

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As emotional as it may be, “I Know You” speaks in line with the film’s story.

Fifty Shades of Gray Soundtrack Review of “I Know You”

I believe, I believe there’s love in you
Gate locked on the dusty avenues,
Inside your heart, I’m just scared to go
I’m more, I’m more than innocent
But just take a chance and let me in
And I’ll show you ways you don’t know

The song begins with an insight into Anastasia Steele’s thinking. She believes there is still a “softer” being inside Mr. Grey. He acts so tough and controlling all the time, but the singer is quite sure there’s love in him. And that “love” is locked away in “dusty avenues, inside his heart” – which means that even though love is in there, he never uses it. He sticks to his rough personality. Ana thinks it’s because Christian is afraid of giving up, afraid of being vulnerable. Afterwards, Ana continues to say that she herself is not an angel, that she can identify with him on some level, and she begs to let her into her heart. She begs him to try his luck with her and she promises to show him a love he has never seen before.

Don’t complicate it,
Don’t let the past dictate*
I’ve been patient, but slowly I’m losing faith

Love is humble and simple for Ana. But it’s never for Christian. Ana says she’s been patient with him, but is losing faith in true (happily ever after) love with Christian. She also asks him not to be controlled by his past – the kind of lover he is – she wants him to be the kind of lover she wants.

So please I know you baby
i know you baby
So please I know you baby
i know you baby

Anastasia continues to beg him to let her in. She insists that she knows him and his desires.

I believe, I believe that you could love me
But you’re lost on the way to misery
And what I gave you
I could never come back!

The singer continues to say that she believes in him – his ability to show true emotional love – and not just carnal desires. Seems like Ana sees all of their “rooms” as a “misery”. She thinks he’s lost on a strange path and she believes she can show him the right path – true love. She gave him something special. This could mean two things: Ana’s virginity or her heart. The two pieces match the puzzle perfectly. Nice pun!

Chemicals* that precipitate,
I know where I belong
I burn like a cannonball in the air
Crash* against who I belong
Uuuh uh, uuuuh uuuuh uh

This verse is unclear in its meaning to me other than something to do with Anastasia’s feelings in the relationship. First, the mention of “chemicals” could mean the nature of their sex life – sudden, explosive, dangerous and toxic. She feels like a “hot cannonball” when they get intimate with each other. As dangerous or toxic as it may be, there’s no denying that both enjoy their sexual natures. “Crash into who I belong” is a very strong statement in my opinion. “Belonging” does not necessarily mean “consent”. She feels like she “belongs” to Mr. Grey, not really “with” Mr. Grey.

There’s no denying that Anna and Mr. Gray enjoy what they do in the cramped confinement of The Red Room. Anna is made to love him, unlike Christian who was born passionate. So it’s only natural that Anastasia Steele would back off from time to time, even though she enjoys the rush and thrill of their relationship. This track is about how Anna feels about their “unconventional” relationship.

So here’s a little breakdown of the lyrics to “I Know You” which was just released by Skylar Grey. Do you agree with the analysis? If so, leave a comment, otherwise comment on your own interpretation. I could be far.

Let us know if you enjoyed Skylar Grey’s new song. We certainly did.

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