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“The Man with the Ax” is the seventh track from Lorde’s 2021 album “Solar Power”. The song is about Lorde’s deep affection for another person and she paints him in a light of awe and beauty.

Lorde has announced their third studio album “Solar Power” which will be released on August 20, 2021. Prior to the new single, Lorde released singles such as “Solar Power” and “Stoned at the Nail Salon”. The album is produced by Jack Antonoff alongside Lorde. Lorde spoke of the inspiration behind her new album in an interview; “Obviously, during the creation of this album, I dived deeply into the culture of the 60s, Flower Child. I wanted to understand community life, get out of society and try to start over.

With Apple Music, Lorde explained the meaning of this song; “It’s funny because it’s a little melancholy, but I also find it very cozy. I express a lot of love and affection for someone. To me it feels very private – I don’t even like to think about the people listening to it because it’s fair to me.

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Lorde “The Man with the Ax” Lyrics, meaning and review of the song

Lorde doesn’t know how she fell in love with this man. She plays on the idea that axes cut trees and they fall uncontrollably the way she fell in love with this guy. Why? Maybe that’s the way he liked to dance. Sometimes it’s something as small as this that drives someone crazy for another. Love is a strange game.

In the chorus of the song, we get a bit more detail about this guy who has a desk job and silver hair.

Lorde with her silver haired boyfriend Justin Warren (Image: veryceleb.com)
Lorde with her silver haired boyfriend Justin Warren (Image: veryceleb.com)

She also drops another reason they’ve been together for so long; “our shapes in the dark are the reason I stayed.” This word has two meanings embedded in it. She refers to the intimate moments she spends with her boyfriend snuggled up in bed under dim lights. She can feel the love come over her. On the other hand, it can also allude to the dark times in his life where he stayed with his neck and neck. Maybe she had the opportunity to do him the same favor.

Lorde also remembers the early stages of their relationship where she learned that this guy’s favorite song was the same as his father’s. She knew he was someone to look after at the time.

She also calls him the “boy with the plan,” a possible clue to the stability he adds to their relationship. Sometimes when Lorde gets carried away with her music, halfway through space this boy has the ability to pull her towards Earth and keep her grounded. It doesn’t keep her tied. This protects her from “too much”.

It’s a sweet love song and a tribute to the man who made the singer fall for him.

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