Lời bài hát Wild Life [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

I was born with a ticket to survive
And a big dream in my head
It’s a wild, wild life and there’s no way to tame it
Or so my old man said
I knew in my heart that someday
The world would step aside
And try to see things my way
Now i know, the one thing i can count on
Is that i really can’t count on anything.

* it’s a wild life
Every road’s a mean street
It’s a wild life
All we do is ride
It’s a wild life
And we’ve all just god to land on our feet

Livin’ my life, chasing love and glory
Runnin’ into walls of stone
Whether you fall or climb a hundred stories
You’ve gotta do it all alone

**i feel like the world is calling
I’ve got to move along
No reasons left for stalling
And if it’s mine
I’m gonna take it with a vengeance
Or maybe i better just take it as it comes