Lời bài hát Lemonade [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

You walked into the bathroom, to wash your troubles away
You always seem to go in there about 20 times a day
I dropped you off at your therapist, where you walked across the street
To the neon lights with the purple door, where you passed out on your feet
Don’t think i don’t see it all, the beautiful high and the sobering fall begin
It’s a kick ass day, wish you were here, send a postcard telling me when you’re here again
Cuz i can’t get through to you

There’s a lot i could say, there’s a lot i could do
If i had it my way, but i don’t and you do
Makes me throw up to say, that i cared at all
I gave a lot, and now i’m shot
And shit like that’s like sour lemonade

I tried to call your favorite bar, but i got a drunk australian
He talked a million miles an hour, but i can’t tell what he’s saying
Something about a song by kiss, and how they watched you piss yourself away
As the glass goes crashing to the floor, from the phone booth, i hear more delay
Cuz i can’t get through to you