Lời bài hát Kudzu [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

Grow, grow, grow¡­ how your mind must flow.
No, no, no¡­ that’s where we get our self control.

If stealing four leaf clovers for the needy is so wrong,
Then throw me in the slammer with convicted leprechauns.


I’ll stop talkin’ when the kudzu dies.
(plant your soul and watch it grow)

Say, say, say¡­ did you check your bank account today?
I bet it’s lookin’ plump,
Cuz’ you sold a lot of soul today.

I don’t need someone to tell me what they think is cool.
How would you know anyway?
You read the book of rules.

(chorus) repeat

It’s growin’¡­ it’s growin’ (repeat 4x)