Lời bài hát Game Show [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

(butch walker & chrystina lloree)

So you think you know what time it is,
Then how come you have wasted so much of it on me?
Just take your consolation prize,
Because you never knew what was waiting for you behind door number 2 or 3.
Taking out the trash don’t make you an overnight saint to me.

Welcome to the game show, (welcome to the game)
Hope you win the prize, (hope you win the prize)
Welcome to the game show, (welcome to the game)
You gotta spin the wheel just right, (gotta spin the wheel just right)

Is that an imitation rolex?
And your bogus english accent ain’t foolin’ me at all.
Just take your eight track knowledge, yeah,
Start saving your dimes for a waste of time.
For when you go back to school in the fall.