Lời bài hát Fully Retractable [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

Shooed out like a house fly
This house was half my mind
I don’t dispute the doubts you’ve outlined
But it’s my right to waste your time

These things
May come to be
And these things
Won’t kill me
And these things
It stands to reason
These things
Please tell me

Throw out the la-la by the busload
Match the photo to the description
I do indeed and shall continue
Dispatch the shiftless man to points beyond

And spieling
So ceaselessly
Is my grief
Please spare me
Your feelings
The spattering
It bores me
Don’t test me

And half-masted
Bass boosted
Fully retractable

Burned in on the 8th of may
She was spectacular
I walk the halfmoon by the busstop
Sliding cross the street to her