Lời bài hát Bus To Beelzebub [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

Get on to the bus
That’s gonna take you back to beelzebub
Get on to the bus
That’s gonna make you stop going rub a dub

Your words burn the air
Like the names of candy bars
Your mouth is cold and red
All in rings around your
Laugh laughing laughs

It’s a grind grind
It’s a grind
It’s a grind grind

I’ll scratch you raw
L’etat c’est moi
I drink the drink
And i’m wall to wall
I absorb trust like a love rhombus
I feel i must elucidate
I ate the chump with guile
Quadrilateral i was
Now i warp like a smile

Yellow no. 5
Yellow no. 5, 5, 5

Voulez-vous the bus?