Lời bài hát Better Off Alone [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

Welcome to the station, so here’s the situation
Lemme tell you how it all goes down
The girl you’ve been about, ya come to find out,
That she’s the biggest ho around
Can we take it to the bridge
And skip the part about the fridge
Where she keeps her cold heart,
By a stale poptart
And all the brothers that she fucked
Are getting piled in a truck
And with a little luck
You can get your feet back on the ground

Why do i
Get it (ooh!)
Then regret it (yeah!)
When i let it (uhhh!)
Let it get the best of me
It’s killin’ me
I’m the epitome
Of every bit of me
I’m better off alone

You got a shitty boyfriend, who only answers people with the words from an everlast song
You got screwed in the end when he said you’re just a friend, you wonder what you’re doin’ wrong
Workin’ 7 in the mornin’ at the coffee shop pourin’ out your caffeinated heart (please don’t let me start)
’cause he’s at home on the couch, readin’ porno like a slouch,
In your really fresh house on hollywood boulevard (and you’re out in the yard saying)


You gotta swallow your pride
Before you swallow that drink,
Then you follow the lines on the floor to the sink, where you climb down the drain,
And you sit and you think about (everything that went wrong)