Lời bài hát Bedda to Have Loved [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

oh girl, i know, it feels like you’re alone
But more, have gone, through the same thing
the pain, i know, it seems too much to bear
But time heals wounds
i know it dont seems fair…
girl i know your pain and it hurts so deep,
i’ve been there before, but baby you’ll see,
that we’ve all been hurt, we’ve had our falls
It’s bedda to have loved than not have loved at all

oh girl, i know, in life things change alot,
but you see that’s life, and that’s what life’s about,
But there’s more fish in the sea, you can bet your
last dollar, please believe me.

Chorus: X2

girl (girl) I (I) know (know) what you’re feeling deep inside,
it will all fade (fade) away (way)
baby it will pass you by
oh please believe me baby (baby)
…well well well well

chorus till fade