Lời bài hát Banned From The End Of The World [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

Banned from the end of the world
I’ve no millenial fear,
The future is here, it comes every year.
(if you want me there, i’ll play forever dear
Open up the box a new life rushes out
Nasty little bug, much work to be done
Eat all the numbers up, we’re 00 gone!)

Hot hot, go back these eyes are shut!

If you want it, i’ll come right over,
Then throw me out when the party’s over.

Banned from the end of your world
We can bottle time and sell it back
It’s a nostalgic crime!
(if you want me there, we’ll party without fear
A new world rushes on and we’ll just play
A night of revelry, spend it here with me
For so many dreams cannot be contained)

Banned from the end of the world
The future is here, look in the mirror
(we’re the band from the end of the world.)