Lời bài hát A Man Without A Dream [ĐÚNG NHẤT]

With the music of life
My soul is out of tune
And i feel like i’m growing old
Much too soon
My love i just couldn’t compare
And the key to my happiness
I let slip away

Now i’m a man without a dream
I’ve got a heart that has no home
All my senses are numb
Loosing you i’ve become
A man without a dream

Instead of striving to reach my goals in life
I got distracted with mean, endless games
For just an illusion i traded love that was real
Now my eyes cannot see and my heart cannot feel


Sometimes i think i’m a prisoner of fate
Doomed to find out things a little too late
And so i must play this broken man’s roll
Unless you come home girl
And bring back my soul


Without a dream…