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“Pretty Young Girl” is the fourth track from Logic’s latest surprise album “Supermarket” released accompanying her first novel “Supermarket” release.

This song is one of the very few tracks that Logic sings on besides rap, and this track takes on the rhythm of a ballad. Logic sings about a girl that he is Deep in love with. The album “Supermarket” also contains impressive works such as “Bohemian Trapsody”, “Lemon Drop”, “DeLorean” and more. The album also plays a lot with different genres, from pop to rap to trap music.

Logic created “Pretty Young Girl” during her very first show in Boston during her “Bobby Tarantino vs Everybody” tour in 2018. During the same show, Logic introduced this song as inspired by “someone very special. ” for him;

“I wrote this song for someone very special, dear and close to my heart – whom I love – my best friend in the world, who has been there since day one – since he returned to the fucking sub- ground.”

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Since Logic has confessed that this song is about a special friend and we know it’s a “she,” we’ll take a similar perspective when analyzing these lyrics.

Going through the lyrics to “Pretty Young Girl”, it’s pretty obvious that she wasn’t just a simple “friend” as Logic stated when she introduced this song to her concert in Boston. His love for this girl is clearly visible in every line of this song. Logic sings about how she makes him want to do all the things he never imagined doing. She makes him the best person there is. She is beautiful, and her heart cannot take all of these new experiences.

But she is phobic and a liar!

Logic sings that behind his beautiful eyes are all “lies, lies” and that he cannot continue to suffer. In the first verse of the song, we hear Logic confess that he’s really hurt by his deceptions. So why is Logic writing a song about her? From Logic’s statement above, we learn that she was there for him when no one else was. She had known him from his days in the basement. She was his world when the world turned its back on her. It earned him a special place in his heart.

In the second verse of “Pretty Young Girl,” Logic explains why they didn’t work out. She had no time for him. Logic, being the artist of her popularity, could find time for her, but she couldn’t. Logic also admits that he doesn’t have time for the girls who waste his time (that hottie over there). He just wants a good girl who knows how to be a monster.

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Logic’s “Pretty Young Girl” Full Lyrics

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