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Lizzo returned to social media today to announce a massive collaboration that will soon drop. She announced her brand new single, titled “Rumors” with Cardi B.

Lizzo exploded into the limelight with their third studio album “Cuz I Love You” released in November 2019. The album featured hits such as “Truth Hurts”, “Good as Hell”, “Juice” and more. Since early 2020, Lizzo has been inactive on social media and has returned to confirm the rumors about her new single.

In the song, Lizzo talks about some rumors surrounding her, all of which are sexual in nature. And she openly says it’s all true. This should silence all the rumors! Overall, the song is a applause to its enemies.

The music video for “Rumors” features both Lizzo and Cardi B brought back to medieval times, dancing in a castle. A special surprise is to see Cardi B pregnant in the video, with her second child.

Watch Lizzo Ft. Cardi B’s “Rumors” Music Video

Lizzo “Rumors” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

Lizzo seems to be addressing his enemies over all the rumors that have spread about him. We don’t know if these rumors have spread about him before, but we do know now.

Some of these rumors include;

  • Sexualizing big girls
  • Have groupies at his shows
  • Had sex with Drake to get in the industry

Lizzo seems to claim that she is self-taught in the music industry. Many artists rely on the spotlight of much larger artists to gain recognition. Until her last studio album, “Good as Hell”, Lizzo had hardly had any major collaborations. And now she’s working with Cardi B.

Lizzo also claims that enemies have nothing else to do but try to break down a woman who is trying to get away with doing what she loves. Her color, body shape, size, what she sings about and who she has sex with are redundant to all the social issues around us.

Cardi B only adds to the rumors with Lizzo on this track. She says her curves are fake and that’s fine with her. She takes into account her success in the music industry and the fact that her success is largely attributable to the fact that she is not influenced by hate. If Lizzo receives hate, Cardi should receive tons of it.

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