Listen to SUPERFRUIT Doing Taylor Swift’s 1989 Medley in Under 4 Minutes

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I guess you’ve listened to the entire ‘1989’ album already, maybe even a few hundred times. ‘1989is one of those albums that can be listened to from the first track to the last without skipping a track and in a loop. Well if you don’t 70 minutes to listen to the whole album, we have the following best alternative. youtube stars SUPERFRUIT have created a great 1989 medley compile songs from all tracks on the album. And it is enough 4 minutes to relive the wonderful memories of each song.

1989 Medley by SUPERFRUIT

Meet Mitch grassi and Scott hoying who are YouTube stars who maintain their YouTube channel as SUPEFRUIT. They do random videos, watch them and subscribe if you like them.

The duo take us through the full album ‘1989’ from ‘Welcome to New York’ at ‘To clean’, and they do a perfect job. They make a full stanza on ‘Empty space’, because we all know it’s the better song on the album… When they come to ‘Bad blood’, one of the guys does some really awesome beatbox while the other is singing. It is something to look forward to. They didn’t forget to wear two 1989 Taylor Swift T-shirts for the video while they performed.

Isn’t this the best “1989 medley” of all time? Or are there others? Let us know…

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Taylor Swift’s “1989” became the hottest album of the year, being the only album to have sold over a million copies in opening week. It also made Taylor Swift a world record holder. Taylor also announced “1989 World Tour” a few days ago.

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