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“Money” is the second track from Lisa’s debut solo studio album “LALISA”. The electro-pop song is about picking up those dollar bills, and how money can silence all enemies!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is getting ready to release her debut solo studio album ‘LALISA’ in late 2021 and she has released two songs as a taste of what’s to come. Along with “Money,” Lisa also released the album’s title track, “LALISA,” which boasts all about itself. Although the song “LALISA” is a mixture of Korean and English, “Money” is sung entirely in English.

In Press release notes, Lisa talked about the “Money” track; “Oh my God. I have to do this. It’s my song ”, and she describes the song as a “hip-hop based track with an addicting hook.”

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LISA “Money” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song’s first verse, Lisa kicks off the song by opening the weekend at the end of the month. These two periods coincide with the payroll cycles in most companies. So everyone gets paid today. Getting our paycheck is what we all aspire to every month. Perhaps the best day of our professional life. That’s until we realize how many bills we have!

Lisa, however, has a more positive approach to this paycheck. She says she will spend it all on herself. Maybe she has her bills covered in some other way. However, given that Lisa has an estimated net worth of $ 10 million at the time of this song, that means she probably doesn’t have to wait for her paycheck every month!

I’m gonna drop it like it’s sinking, I’m gonna pour it on myself

She paints a picture of bathing in silver. It seems like a pretty big salary.

In the chorus of the song, more boastful silver comments pour in. She says her checks never go bad because she has enough money in her bank accounts. A check is refused payment if the issuer does not have enough money in their bank account. This is called the rebound of checks.

Lisa also sings that she’s doing the money dance and more money is coming. It’s pretty factual considering that she’s a pretty amazing dancer and her musical releases include her dancing in the visuals. She makes money with these outings. For example, the music video “LALISA” gained over 200 million views on YouTube in just one week of its release.

When the store says “Sign for that” I leave my autograph

Those lyrics could be about Lisa signing for her bills when she’s shopping in stores or even signing off branded offers. Either way, his signature looks more like an autograph at this point. As a member of BLACKPINK and also launching her solo music career, she is a well-known personality around the world. He’s a superstar, so it makes sense that his signing is seen as more than just a signature.

In the song’s second verse, Lisa says that your victories are the best way to silence your enemies and foes.

Everyone silent
Listen to my money talk

When they see these greenbacks, they suddenly turn into “friends”. They will find a way to get rid of it again.

This song is a celebration of Lisa’s personal success, especially on the financial side. We can’t help but sing and dance with her to this catchy beat.

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