Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)


19-year-old Australian singer Lisa Helen Mitchell may not yet have any chart-topping hits. But she certainly has the ability to enchant a listener with her voice. Lisa Mitchell’s “Neopolitan Dreams” has this enchanting effect.

“Neopolitan Dreams” is the second single from his 2008 EP “Welcome to the Afternoon”. Recognizing its popularity, Lisa chose to release the same track as the first track from her debut studio album “Wonder” in 2009. The song also appeared on the soundtrack of the Australian television series “Packed to the Rafters”.

It’s hard to determine what makes this song unique, but it certainly has the ability to induce happiness into your head, assisted by a handful of simplistic instruments.

“Neopolitan Dreams” written by Lisa Mitchell herself, talks about the difficulties of being an introvert in society and of a lost love.

Lisa once wrote her thoughts on this song on her website; “I guess it stems from a separation of two people, obviously me and someone else. That’s where the spirit of the song came from, but then it moves to a similar place, not having such a clear idea of ​​where you’re headed. But then when the chorus comes in, the ‘ba-da ba-das’, it’s like saying ‘there’s so much going on, but hey, damn, we’re just gonna have fun’.

Watch the music video “Neopolitan Dreams” by Lisa Mitchell

The clip shows Lisa Mitchell walking through a forest, herself an enchanting one. It may be symbolic of his attempt to avoid society.

The lyrics to “Neopolitan Dreams” are a reflection of the singer. The song begins with a remark about how well she will be after a breakup. She had wanted to have a future with this person, but he is leaving now. So she says to herself that she is going to dream of the future that she had hoped to become a reality. She calls their meeting a “little touch of fate”, it wasn’t meant to last long.

Lisa Mitchell could have so many thoughts bubbling inside her. But she focuses on one at a time. Otherwise, it might be too much for her to handle. To be an introvert, to enter into another relationship would be a daunting task. She wishes not to procrastinate on all of this at the same time.

Lisa loved this guy – the way he spoke, the way he walked. She imagines that it would be difficult to find someone like him. But his problem was that he was never present. A person can be physically present in one place and be in another in their mind, so they are not 100% in one place or the other. It is not a readable sign for a healthy relationship.

The word “neopolitan” has no specific defined meaning. However, if the word is split into “neo” and “politan” it might make little sense. “Neo” means “new” and “politan” means “attachments” or “limits”. In that sense, the title of the song could mean that Lisa dreams of new emotions of attachments that she doesn’t want.

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Lisa Mitchell’s “Neopolitan Dreams” Full Lyrics

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