Lil Wayne Finally Releases “Tha Carter V”: Stream, Tracklist, Album Cover, Features and More

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The release of Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” could be the biggest hip-hop event of 2018. The album sparked so much controversy and rumor that fans and critics began to revere the album even before its release. exit. However, the 6-year wait is finally over, as Lil Wayne has announced the release of the 13th studio album “Tha Carter V” through the Young Money and Universal Music labels.

Happy Birthday, Lil Wayne !!!

The album’s release coincides with the 36th birthday, on September 27, 2018, of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. AKA Lil Wayne. So, happy birthday to Mr. Carter, who is celebrating his birthday and releasing the horrific legal battle he had with Cash Money record director Birdman, which kept him from releasing the album. In June of this year, the long-standing legal battle and feud resulted in a settlement with undisclosed terms. However, rumors have sparked that Lil Wayne has been given the green light to release the new album. Last week, several mainstream celebrities took to social media to promote the album, but it was not released at the time.

The 23 track album proves that Lil Wayne had a lot of tracks to include on this album.

artwork from the album 'Tha Carter V'

artwork from the album ‘Tha Carter V’

The album art features baby Lil Wayne and a woman we assume is Lil Wayne’s mom.

Buy the album “Tha Carter V” on iTunes and Amazon

In 2013, Lil Wayne announced that “Tha Carter 5” would be his last album. However, looking at the song list and the featured artist, we can clearly assume that he is just starting a new chapter in his music career.

Lil Wayne posted a video on YouTube to announce the album’s release. In the video, he shouted at the fans who have stuck with him throughout his years of wrestling:

“I mean you’ve all stayed with me for the last 30 million years anyway. I can’t do anything but thank you all for all the love and all the passion and every ounce of everything. may remain in my heart. That goes to all of you, honestly: my fans, my supporters, the world. Of course, it is first and foremost God and his family, but I am nothing, absolutely nothing, without my fans. I hope you like this album. With this album, I always give you all of me, but with this album I give you more than me. You always have to remember that it’s years of work. C It’s four, five, six years of hard work that you will hopefully listen to. And uh, I hope you like it.

Featured artists on ‘Tha Carter V’

For an album in preparation for 6 years, the list of featured artists includes many more recent artists. Lil Wayne collaborates with the late rapper XXXTentacion on “Don’t Cry”. In another song, he collaborated with Travis Scott. Other features include Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Sosamann, Snoop Dogg, Nivea, Ashanti, and Lil Wayne’s 19-year-old daughter Reginae Carter.

Lil Wayne album ‘Tha Carter V’ tracklist

1. I love you Dwayne
2. Don’t cry f. XXXTENTACION
3. Dedicate
4. Uproar
5. Let it fly f. Travis Scott
6. Can not be broken
7. Dark Side of the Moon f. Nicki Minaj
8. Mona Lisa f. Kendrick Lamar
9. And me f. Sosamann
10. Open letter
11. Famous f. Regina Carter
12. Problems
13. Dope Niggaz f. Snoop dogg
14. Hittas
15. took his time
16. Open the safe
17. Start this shit off on the right foot f. Ashanti & Mack Maine
18. Demon
19. disorder
20. Dope New Gospel f. Nivea
21. Perfect strangers
22. Used 2
23. Let everything work out

Stream “Tha Carter V”

Since the album’s release a few hours ago, it’s been available to stream on the most popular streaming sites.

Stream on Spotify
Stream to Apple Music

So what do you think of this long-awaited project from Lil Wayne? Was this everything you expected? Is it more? Let us know your thoughts on the album and Dwayne Carter’s comeback in the comments below.

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