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With interest from Lewis Capaldi performing a worldwide hit “Someone You Loved” live on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend on May 26, 2019, we are going back to the roots where it all began. Lewis Capaldi met overnight success on his debut track “Bruises” on Spotify, and that’s the story of his creation.

Then, Lewis Capaldi, 20, set a new record by uploading “Bruises”, a song written by himself, on Spotify where 28 million streams are collected worldwide, released on June 19, 2017. That’s been it. from him the fastest artist of all time. to reach 25 million plays on Spotify which is not signed by a record company either. He was shortly signed to Virgin EMI Records and Capitol Records.

The inspiration for this song comes from a very personal place for Lewis, as he explained with Genius;

I wrote the song the second to last October, on my 20th birthday. I had just broken up with my girlfriend for about a year and a half. It was an amicable breakup, because I was very busy with the music and she was also doing her own thing. I didn’t really have bad feelings about the relationship or anything like that, but obviously it was still a little raw and a little fresh.
I don’t think the song is about heartbreak or anything. I think it’s just about missing someone you had something with, and things didn’t turn out for some reason.

“Bruises” was later incorporated into Lewis’ debut studio album “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent” released in May 2019. Lewis also released a music video for the song, which contains only music from a keyboard.

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Critique of the lyrics and meaning of the song “Bruises”

Verse 1

In the first verse, Lewis explains the reasoning behind the song’s sad air. The singer bites off the bitter end of an expired relationship. Maybe it’s only been a few days since she broke up with her, but he’s struggling to come out of her memories. He still has the slightest hope that she can come back to him. He feels empty inside without the love that completed him before.


These lyrics certify that the singer does not actually want to move on yet. He says he hopes he doesn’t lose the bruises she left him. This includes bad times, as bruises symbolize fighting. If someone even cherishes the bad times of a past relationship, there’s really no hope for them to move on.

It’s no surprise that the singer turns to the Lord for help, not to move on, but to bring her back to his side.


The singer’s life was filled with love and joy when he was in a relationship with this girl. Now that she’s gone, it looks like the world is getting colder for him too. What was hot and nourishing before is now cold and deteriorating.

Verse 2

It’s often easier to judge behavior in hindsight – you have all the information you need. But the past cannot be altered. Learning from hindsight and moving forward is the way of life that should be.

Often times after a serious relationship our mind wanders around the positive aspects of the relationship. We tend to sidestep the negatives and lament the positives.

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