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“Thunder” is the tenth track from Lana Del Rey’s 2021 album “Blue Banisters”. The catchy track is about the effect of Lana’s boyfriend’s thunderous presence!

Lana Del Rey has announced the release of her eighth studio album “Blue Banisters” slated for July 4, 2021. Along with the surprise announcement, Lana released three new singles from the album, as well as the title track. It’s only been a little over a year since Lana released her previous project “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” in March 2021.

In the song, Lana Del Rey talks about how her boyfriend makes her feel. When he enters his city, he paints the city with his energy. The city is on fire when he is there.

Lana Del Rey brings a classic song to describe her presence; “Mister. Brightside” from The Killers. In this song, Mr. Brightside is a man who smiles when his world burns before his eyes. However, Lana could be referring to the flamboyant style of the clip.

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Throughout the song, Lana Del Rey brings synonyms to show how alive this person is. From thunder to lightning in a bottle to keep burning to keep it on fire. Lightning cannot be controlled by enclosing it in a bottle. The same goes for that person’s personality – explosive but beautiful.

Fire, as essential as it is to life and everything around us, can also burn.

Just keep on burning, ’til it rains (Do it, don’t wait)

Lana knows it’s nothing that’s supposed to last forever. She knows that the rain is somewhere far away and that it will pour out on its spark.

The song’s chorus also seems to be about the inevitable end of Lana and her fiery boyfriend’s story. She repeats “Do it, don’t wait” as if to say that they might as well be done with this right now.

Although Lana Del Rey is fascinated by this guy’s personality, she sees all the red flags ahead of time. He’s out of town most of the time – walks away with his friends. He’s like lightning when he comes to town – other women might feel the same way to him as Lana. This guy gets drunk at every party. He is also not satisfied with having a rainbow (everything) in his life. Lana can’t expect anything “stable” with this guy. And opposites attract.

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