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Floor lamp, pt. 2 Lyrics

[Paroles de “Lampadaire, Pt. 2” ft. Freeze Corleone]

[Intro : Freeze Corleone & Osirus Jack]
Han Han

[Couplet unique : Osirus Jack & Freeze Corleone]
Haha, new era slut (New era), no there is no magical world (Nah)
Khaki smoke the Morty and Rick
2-2-1, OBS, yeah there’s artillery
We wash them, we laminate them, even posted in the distance (In the distance)
Accurate even dice flax (Woo)
More Kilimanjaro than Mont Olympe (Mont Olympe), in quality like the one we have (Woo)
Han, cast out demons as in Constantinen/a Loto, need the bigs Vacheron Constantin (Ice)20-21, bitchNew Era (Ha), we got new shits, new herbs
Fonscar in flax I have dark circles (Han), in bled you need ranches and farms (Cash)

Osirus Jack, Freeze Corleone, in the plot as if we were working at CERN (han)
I smoke and the options are offered (Woo), I’m in the tank or the sports option (Gaddamn)
Look how above them I had, in the roster only all-stars (Haha)
Europa, nigga need to size up (Direct), logo on the knit (Han)
Manos full of trichomes (Shit)
I think I have the best of the decks, the pussy of the mother of the deks (Okay)
We arrive in the game like a Friday the 13th (Piou, piou, piou),you still rap like in 2013 (Ha)
It’s come a long way since 2013, enough fanatics to fill thirty-two lines 13 (Ekip)
I feel like
the alligator in the swamps (han), they’re impostors, they don’t do the tasks (Nope)
I like to talk cash, big wax, I smoke, here are the stains
In Dakar must villa with four floors

Fuck your senior rappers, as soon as we land on the ken (Woo)
I want the long cables like Roi Heenok or Johnny Dang (Haha)
I’m dark from Monday to weekend
They are weak they do not even pass the eighth (Ha)Need more Spotify listeners than The Weeknd
I come in racist like an OG Mikey (Ha)
They disappeared like John Obi Mikel
And I see them little like Minimoys (Ha)
For want of a link the length of ten thousand terminals
gang shit, n/a Chiraq Drillinois
Stay lit like ten diodes (Han-han)
And the female dog is not from Taiwan (No, no)
We blow ’em up one by one (Hey)
I can end up at any time like Delonte (Yeah)
Smoke the beldia from the tea room
I add two drops of nigella to my tea
Till we ain’t at the top, keep on climbing (Woo)
I have my tools but I’m not a mechanic
I’m in the defense like Upamecano (Ha)N/A Loto, scratch like JK Rowling
And nigga I wouldn’t call my girl Caroline (Nah)
Gasoline smoke and triple filtered, anonymous
Negro, in the KGBlean fonscar cut (flax)
On our road they want to put big harrows
We stay above them like the Big Dipper
667 it pierces more, it pierces
If it continues soon you will see us on the stock market (Cash)

I find out about the number and the hertz frequencies
I need my vision to widenVO)
VVS certified in Antwerpon the road to paper bombed at 310 (cash, cash, cash)
21 here to sit (Woo), mental killu like the Che
I aim ten times the life of a DG (Woo)
Team full of artisans, like us, there aren’t any every two years (Nah)
And I come rushing to two XansI already wanted money at two years old (Cash, haha)
I want the cash, the cheese, the parmesan, ekip
We settle up to the Parliament
They pass the leases on by blood (‘llu)
6-6-7 is the Masiahere we teach you the techniques (courting) Negro if you go through the center (Ekip)
6-6-7 like Olmecs, we’ve been here since then before the year zero, [franc comme Angelo ?]
I am LaMelo, you are LiAngelo
Nunchaku on the prod like Michelangelo (Paw)
I’m looking for it but I can’t see it (Nowhere)
In all black we come like the SWAT (Paw)
I like to see the money grow (Cash)If it’s not for cash you see me not boxed (cash, cash)
MMS, we are almost a thousand (Haha), we need the casa on the peninsula (bitch)
We got the techs, I got the skills, on the prod, nigga, glide like I got skis, ekip

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