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“Jealous” is a non-album single from British singer, songwriter and producer Labrinth. It is also one of the singer’s most emotional and personal songs to date. There is no doubt that almost anyone can relate to this song about grief and loss.

“Jealous” was released on November 23, 2014 and was inspired by Labrinth’s personal life. The song reached 7th place in the UK and has sold almost a million copies worldwide.

In several interviews, Labrinth spoke of the inspiration behind this song;

“I grew up without really having a father figure and I didn’t mind because he wasn’t there in the first place. But then he started other families and I was jealous. It was as if he was happy without our family. I didn’t want it to be too complacent that listeners couldn’t get their own personal experience. But I think it’s one of the strongest songs because it made me pull out a bit of myself and put on a record and I’ve never really done that before.

“A lot of people have had this experience. It’s kind of written from the point of view of how my family felt at the time, but I wanted to write it down so that everyone could dig into the song and relate it to their own situation, ” Labrinth said with MTV.

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“Jealous” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

As Labrinth himself said, this song relates to different experiences for different people. Although Labrinth based it on his father’s absence from his life, most of the lyrics relate to a broken love affair.

Verse 1

In these mocking words, Labrinth explains how jealous he is over anything that touches his ex-lover. The rain and the wind rushing through her body are enough to sting the singer right in the heart. Because he has nothing left now. These inanimate objects are closer to her than he could ever be again.


In these lyrics, we find a little more information about their breakup. It is clear that the girl broke up with him and walked out of his life. When she left he wished her all the best in the world and said: “there is nothing to forgive.” This makes us believe that he was hoping she would come back. So he was not ready to accept an apology.

But it wasn’t meant to be. She did not come back to him. He had imagined that she would only find “sorrow and misery” far from him. But it wasn’t meant to be. Looks like she’s moved on, and Labrinth is jealous of how she’s found happiness without him.

Verse 2

Labrinth continues his saga of the things he is jealous of. He explains why he’s jealous of every night that goes by: because he can’t lie down next to her. And her mind can’t catch the idea that someone else might be sleeping next to her. Finally, he confesses that he is envious of the love he has lost; a love that is shared with someone else.


The singer realizes that his ex-girlfriend’s love slips through his fingers like sand. He can’t stop it but watches it fall into someone else’s hands. He pretends to smile and face every day, but he dies inside.

The last line sums it all up for Labrinth. He just can’t stand to see her happy without him in her life. It’s a painful pill to swallow.

What experiences do you relate to this song? Leave a comment below.

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