Kendrick Lamar Helps Kanye West Remix “All Day” Single


With the announcement of his new album ‘So Help Me God’, Kanye West has released a few tracks from the album’s tracklist. So far, we’re very impressed with the level of creativity on this new rap album. One such track was “All Day”, which originally featured Allan Kingdom and Theophillus London. But this new remix of “All Day” brings us a taste of Kendrick Lamar VS Kanye West. And it’s good.

The new remix was released yesterday, but the full quality version is not yet available. So we don’t know which version will be on Kanye Wests new album – could it be that both versions are on the album? Make a guess.

Listen to Kanye West’s “All Day” Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Kanye West’s lines from the original version remain intact, while Kendrick Lamar has his own verses mixed in between. The result is a fairly fluid remix.

With “So Help Me God” closing on its release date, we will be able to hear more tracks from the new album. The leaked snippet is also believed to be from the upcoming album. Until Yeesuz himself confirms it, we can only predict and appreciate the music that has already been released.

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