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Kehlani ushers in a whole new musical era in his career with a brand new single and a brand new music video for “Altar”. The song is about the eternal human bond between two people, even one leaves our lives forever.

“Altar” is the first single from Kehlani’s third studio album “Blue Water Road”. This is Kehlani’s follow-up project for his 2020 album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’. The new album is slated for release in December 2021.

Announce the new single, Kehlani spoke about the inspiration behind the song; “To all those I have lost, to all of the angels that I have won, to all who walk with me with hands opening my chest, this is for you. I love you! 🕯 #AUTEL 🕊 THANK YOU. “

“Altar” tells the story of a deceased lover of Kehlani, who is a lesbian. So, in the clip, her late partner is played by Diovanna LaBeija, a trans Afro-Latinx performance artist and choreographer. The duo’s choreography in the video sets up a perfect set of moody love.

Watch Kehlani’s “Altar” Music Video

Kehlani “Altar” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Kehlani sings about the altar in his house, one dressed in fresh white flowers and little candles lit all over. White is a color of death and mourning, and lighting candles is standard practice for remembering lost people.

Kehlani hopes this altar can bring her closer to a deceased person.


In these words, Kehlani delves deeper into his belief from the first verse.

If I light a flame and call your name
I’ll make you a plate, we can go to dinner

She thinks that lighting the candles and calling out the name of her late lover will make them come back to her. Then she can cook them dinner and enjoy a ritual that she loved very much while they were still alive.


Kehlani sings for all the people she has lost along the way. The world is still in mourning with the current COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed the lives of many people around us – fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, cousins ​​and friends. This song is a tribute to all those loved ones who have passed away, but their energy still lives within us.

Verse 2

Kehlani realizes that memories can also be a curse and a blessing. When someone who has touched our lives dies, their spirit lives in us. These memories are both painful and sweet, perfect examples of bittersweet emotions.

The human mind is an incredible machine. Kehlani says that sometimes she can smell the scent of her dead lover. His mind can manifest what his heart desires. Spirit> matter.

Keep you alive and I do it because I want to

When someone dies, they live in the memories of those close to them. Their loved ones can keep them alive in their memories for as long as they want. Kehlani is not yet ready to let go of her lover. So she chooses to live with them in her memory.

Most of us keep the memories of our loved ones in our own altars!

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