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“Pure Souls” is the twenty-first track from Kanye West’s 2021 album “DONDA”. The song features vocals from Roddy Ricch and Shenseea marking their very first collaboration with Ye. In the song, the artists rap about not having to sin to be where they are today. They claim that their souls are still pure and intact.

‘Donda’ is Kanye West’s tenth studio album released on August 29, 2021, having been repeatedly teased and delayed. Kanye West hosted two evenings of listening to the album at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta before the album’s release, and the third in Chicago. This song was played the second time you listen to it.

In the song, Roddy Ricch brings up the infamous September 2020 Kanye West-Grammy controversy. Ye job a video of him urinating on one of his Grammy Awards flushed down his toilet. Roddy Ricch took to Instagram Live to condemn Ye’s act.

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Kanye West “Pure Souls” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review


In these lyrics, Roddy Ricch sings about how they went from anonymity to one of the world’s most recognized artists. But he’s proud to say he didn’t have to sell his soul to get to this job. It could refer to artists who rely on criticism from other artists to gain weight or do pitiful stunts to gain recognition. For example, Tekashi, whose musical prowess lies in the automatic tuning and the lovely women in the clips.

Verse 1

In the song’s opening verse, Roddy Ricch sings about his come-up and how he’s been able to stay on top of the game for so long. He says he is the product of the environment he grew up in.

Roddy also addresses his flop at the 2020 Grammy Awards, taking home zero awards after being nominated for 6. He says he called Kanye and says these people don’t recognize real talent and artistry. Ye had sadly urinated on her Grammy Awards at this point. So, one can only imagine that Roddy and Ye were on the same page about the awards show. However, Roddy clarifies that he has no hard feelings against the awards ceremony.

Finally, Roddy says he comes from the trenches, referring to the lowest level at which one can start. The trenches are below ground level. It’s the environment he grew up in and what shaped him.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Kanye West will sing about how he became who he is among all his friends and family who couldn’t. They were given the same chances, but Kanye made it work for him while others were distracted by temporary means of earning a living. He talks about his loved ones who stole and looted to make ends meet. Anyone can laugh and poke fun at Kanye for his behavior and all of his controversies, but no one can deny the level of rise he has had in hip-hop.

After all the jokes I’m the one who was chosen

Ye also addresses his enemy, saying that Kanye is not even in the same path as them. “Lane” refers to the stature they hold in the musical game. Kanye West laughs at these people saying how are they going to ask him if he’s not in the same lane as they drive a shotgun into Ye’s car!

Ye also talks about the time he went to meet with ex-President Donald Trump about Larry Hoover Sr.’s exit. He talks about the same topic in “Jesus Lord” on the album. Kanye is selfless. He says he can afford to give every man living on Earth a dollar, which would require more than $ 7 billion. Ye has a personal net worth of around $ 2 billion, while his brand Yeezy is estimated to be around $ 6.6 billion. This latter number can cover almost the entire population of Earth with $ 1 per person. He wonders if this is God’s plan for him. Knowing what Kanye is like, he might in fact do it.

But he says that a person’s worth is not the wealth he has accumulated. A person is worth as much as what they can give to others – even a smile or a kind word counts for it.


In these lyrics, Kanye talks about his newfound faith in Lord. He says people will have to get used to the new him because that is his calling right now. He knows he’s seeing the right goal now. He is stronger than ever with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity) behind him. Ye spazzes that the devil doesn’t stand a chance against him with his strong faith and the Trinity to back him up.

Father, Holy Spirit, let go of me
Father, I am yours exclusively
The devil is behind me, I’m free, I’m free


The outro is performed by Shenseea, who repeats a line that Kanye had already said; “The truth is only what you get away with.” This saying alludes to the fact that no one can hope to live a life of lies and get away with it in the sight of God. He sees everything and He knows all sides of history. We can manipulate their history at will for us mortals. But God will be the final judge, the jury, and the execution. So do yourself a favor and be morally good – live and let live.

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