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“Jonah” is the seventh track from Kanye West’s 2021 album “DONDA”. The song features vocals from Lil Durk and Vory. This is the first collaboration between these artists and Kanye. In the song, the three artists address topics such as losing loved ones, facing death and loneliness, and seeing the light through His grace.

‘Donda’ is Kanye West’s tenth studio album released on August 29, 2021, having been repeatedly teased and delayed. Kanye West hosted two evenings of listening to the album at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta before the album’s release, and the third in Chicago. This song was played the second time you listen to it.

The song “Jonah” also has an alternate title “Shoulder to Lean On”, as the artists sing to find solace between them who have gone through similar experiences.

Listen to “Jonah” by Kanye West Ft. Lil Durk & Vory

Kanye West “Jonah” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review


Vory handles the hook of the song. He sings that we all need a shoulder to lean on at some point in our lives. We all have our own demons that we fight on a daily basis. But no one has to go through this alone. And we should be there for someone who needs a shoulder to lean on.

Verse 1

Vory begins the first verse by bringing up a situation where he needs a friend to run into. He talks about the gang wars that are rampant in the streets. He receives a message that some people have shot brothers for god knows why. Usually these problems come with money and get worse with money. These problems seem to be ingrained in our society today.

Vory says these people ask him why he hasn’t been seen on the streets lately, jostling each other. Vory says he found the best way to make a living: music. Of course, this option is not available to everyone. But there might be a better way for everyone without resorting to killing each other, which doesn’t help.

Too many fallen soldiers, no I can’t forget
I hope they have headphones in heaven

Vory remembers countless of his friends who stumbled across the streets trying to make ends meet. He knows he can’t change anything for them now. His only wish is that they could hear his music and his messages for them in Heaven.

Verse 2

Lil Durk begins his verse by shouting out Kanye West and Jay-Z who are at the height of wealth and fame at this point. However, Lil Durk takes a moment to remember people who weren’t so lucky, like his brother, for example. On June 6, 2021, Lil Durk’s brother DThang was gunned down outside the Harvey Club. DThang was also an up and coming artist on the hip-hop scene.

Lil Durk also remembers artist King Von who was shot and killed in November 2020 in Atlanta. He says he will take care of Von’s children for him. King Von was only 26 when he died and was one of Lil Durk’s best friends.

Lil Durk appears to confirm his association with the street gang known as “Crips”, one of the largest and most violent gangs in America. However, he says he can still be the Cleanest Millionaire, hinting that his money comes from his music and not from his criminal associations.

Durk ends his verse by shouting out Kanye for what he did for Chicago; “Kanye did it for the city, he co-signed.” Kanye grew up in Chicago for much of his life. Durk could also be referring to how Kanye has often been outspoken about the devastating effects of gang wars.

Verse 3

Kanye West jumps on the third verse of “Jonah”. He begins the verse by saying that killing another brother is not the answer to all the systematic problems that exist today. Blacks must struggle to earn their living, but what does killing another get you? Nowhere except death on the streets or in prison.

Smoking an opp pack is not that funny
It gets ugly like that, I can’t have money like this

Kanye appears to be asking for Lord’s blessing to enter this unfolding war. However, his resolutions will be accompanied by words of peace. Even during this mission, Kanye doubts the progress of his “peace talks”. He knows it can get bloody anytime. His speech is his music.

And when you text, change the start of every word
You talk to me without a cap

In these lines, Kanye West asks everyone around him to reduce lies and deceit. When you send text messages to a smartphone, the phone automatically changes the first letter of a sentence to uppercase.

Kanye ends his verse with a cry to God himself. He calls God his “big mate”. Ye says this big mate doesn’t rap, but he has a very close relationship with Him.

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