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Juice WRLD released their second studio album ‘Death Race for Love’ on March 8, 2019 and we are more than pleasantly surprised. The 20-year-old American rapper talks about many modern issues and is very open in this massive 22-track album.

Written and produced by Nick Mira, “Empty” takes on some inner demons encountered by Juice WRLD in a dark period of his life. And the easiest way out of these dark and twisted times is to numb your senses, and the quickest fix for that would be drugs.

In “Empty”, Juice WRLD talks about getting high on skinny, pills, drugs and inhaling dope. However, the singer mentions that he is “not suicidal” even though he appears to be abusing drugs when he sings. “OD, craving an overdose.” In Juice WRLD’s Twitter page, you can see many Tweets about the rapper’s depression.

In these lyrics we hear Juice WRLD rapping about how ’empty’ he feels all the time. He talks about suicide, not as an outing in his life, but the constant fear of an overdose looms in his head as well.

Everything that caused the rapper this trauma seems to have happened in the comfort of his own home. He feels like he’s living in a black hole. A black hole is a space-time theorum which suggests that it has an incredible gravitational pull that even light particles cannot escape its attraction; therefore appearing black all the time. A common reference black hole is used to identify something that drains all of someone’s energy – sucks in all of the light and energy.

His feeling of “emptiness” makes him lose his mind. He doubts if he is losing his mind. And the worst part is that there is nowhere else to run. If these emotions keep building up, he could break down and become a “thug.”

Listen to “Empty” by Juice WRLD

“Death Race for Love” premiered two singles prior to release; “Robbery” and “Hear Me Calling”, the first one was a big hit.

Juice WRLD also announced a North American “Death Race for Love” tour that will begin in April from Vancouver, Canada, and run through June in the United States.


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