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“Burn” is the first track from Juice WRLD’s 2021 album “Fighting Demons”. Much like the album, this song is about Juice’s addiction issues and how he used it as an escape mechanism from bigger issues. In the end, his solution ended up consuming him.

Juice WRLD released their second posthumous album “Fighting Demons” on December 10, 2021. This also marks the second anniversary of Juice’s death on December 8, 2019, following a drug overdose. His posthumous debut album ‘Legends Never Die’ remains the most successful posthumous debut album.

At the age of 21, Juice WRLD was exposed to a world of glory, wealth, and its own traps all at the same time. Juice suffered from anxiety and depression, and he may have used drugs to escape these demons. However, the medicines continue to numb the pain as long as you take one more tablet each day until the day you take one more. Until then, you continue to burn in your head, body, and soul at the same time.

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Juice WRLD “Burn” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

Throughout the song, Juice WRLD explains their struggles with addiction. From his POV, it’s clear he hasn’t seen a solution to his bundle of problems. He became famous thanks to his talent as a rapper. This bought racks of dollars and brought all the snakes to him. His mind couldn’t handle everything that was going on around him and he started to crack. And that’s when his inner demons start to rise. And they are only getting worse.

I’ve been cursed from birth, guess I never learn

Most celebrities, singers, and people use drugs and alcohol to escape the demons within. But it’s a fake oasis that sucks you in and out. When you start to go down that ladder it just goes down and it just darkens until you can’t see how to go up anymore. Sliding down is easy. It’s hard to climb. This is when you should seek outside help.

I can’t take a Percocet, start tonight, I just took a 60

Percocet is a pain reliever. But it is also considered highly addictive and leads to heavy addiction towards them. The line above alone shows how deep Juice WRLD had come down the stairs. Percocet 60mg tablets are only prescribed in extreme situations and for opioid intolerant patients these high doses can cause fatal respiratory depression.

Throughout the lyrics of this song, it’s very clear that Juice WRLD was aware of the damage he was doing to himself and also the impact his behavior had on the people he loved. He was clearly concerned about his mother and then girlfriend Ally Lotti. He was also keenly aware that his addiction could cost him his life one day. But he seems to have seen no solution. After her death, her mother revealed that Juice WRLD agreed to go to rehab a week before her death.

I fell asleep too deeply this time

The line above tells us that Juice WRLD danced with the devil way too close to his comfort. It’s only a matter of time at this point!

Uh-huh, numb the pain with my wealth

This is what Juice WRLD is trying to do and it is nothing new. Everyone uses some sort of escape mechanism to deal with various issues in their life. And almost all of those escape mechanisms are bad for you. The only real solution is to get to the root of the problem. If you can’t fight this battle alone, and you shouldn’t have to, always reach out. You are never alone in these wars.

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