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A lot of people have been waiting for these rap legends to jump on a runway, and 2021 has kept its promises. After the very first Eminem x Nas collaboration, comes the very first J. Cole and Joyner Lucas collaboration, titled “Your Heart”. The song is full of chaotic energy about a devastating relationship, that’s perfect!

“Your Heart” is written by Joyner Lucas and J. Cole for Joyner’s third studio album. The song was released on September 24, 2021, with a music video featuring the two artists.

“Your Heart” is about Joyner Lucas getting dirty by his longtime partner and reaping the consequences of his aftermath. The girl got into it with this relationship and cheated on him. Joyner can’t believe what’s going on and J. Cole is there to throw some perspective on the situation. Cole asks Joyner what he expected from her. Joyner took his heart and smashed it to pieces, slowly, every day, for years.

The music video shows Joyner’s ex poking fun at everything Joyner owns, from his shoes and clothes to furniture and electronics and even setting his car on fire. But she makes sure to wrap all of her gold jewelry. However, according to the lyrics, Joyner is to blame here for abusing this girl for years.

Watch the music video for “Your Heart” by Joyner Lucas and J. Cole

Joyner Lucas “Your Heart” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review


In the song hook, Joyner Lucas brings out all the complaints he received from his daughter when their arguments erupted. She said he broke her heart, messed her up, left scars on her and what he did to her was just wrong. Joyner is baffled.

Joyner says he hasn’t hid anything from her from the start. She knew he was a dog and a playboy. She knew he was only there for a long time and not for long. Or he thought she knew. But somehow their relationship has lasted too long.

Verse 1

In the song’s first verse, Joyner sheds light on this situation. He and this girl have been working there for some time. Maybe he never really took this “relationship” seriously, but she did. Maybe it was meant to be just a series of one night stands that eventually turned into months or years of one night stands.

We’ve been rockin ‘with each other for so long, yeah (Yeah)
Maybe that’s why it was harder to move on, yeah (Yeah)

Joyner tries to justify this chaotic rupture. He says she has also changed over time. Lately, they never seemed to get along. They were constantly arguing and his friends and family blamed him as well.

The relationship quickly became as toxic as it could get. She started to hate everything about him. Just hearing Joyner’s name put her in a rage that led to a drinking session that led to some mistakes.

The lyrics suggest that this girl was missed a lot during her youth by being with Joyner. This may be her first lover. So every time she gets drunk, she wants to try everything she missed, including sleeping.

She wants! But she doesn’t. She doesn’t talk about this life. Instead, she takes her frustration out on everything Joyner owns.

Verse 2

J. Cole seems to add another perspective to the song. Usually a buddy would have Joyner’s back. But this time, Cole is there to enlighten Joyner on the events that unfolded.

You run your bitch in the mud, you deserve it

Ouch! J. Cole isn’t holding back. Cole is simply saying that Joyner has no right to be sad about his breakup, destruction of his property, and abandonment. He had just sent for it. Joyner saw it coming too.

J. Cole reminds Joyner that he was slipping in with other girls while he was still with this girl. Did he expect her not to notice him? Did he expect her not to do the same? Cole says there were guys sneaking into his DMs on social media every morning and night.

What happens comes back, I know you heard that

Despite her best efforts, Joyner Lucas could not hide her playa lifestyle from this girl. All of her friends knew it, and it was only a matter of time for her to know. Specifically, when there were girls on Joyner’s social media commenting on wink emojis and whatnot!

And you are too proud to see that you are responsible for it

J. Cole categorically calls this break Joyner’s fault. A good friend is straightforward and honest. Cole isn’t trying to sugarcoat the situation by saying that she was to blame for not staying while he went on a rampage. Cole exposes the truth as it is. Karma is the name of the game.

Of all that plays, nigga, we’re too old for the games (Yeah), man

Finally, J. Cole says they’re too old for these games now. Joyner played and had fun until this girl decided to go. He thought it was what he wanted, but he’s hurt now. So even though he was playing, he had a soft spot for life as a partner in crime. Cole says maybe it’s time to settle down, to let the kids continue the plays.


In the last hook of the song, J. Cole returns for the second round.

He reminds Joyner that she was young and pure when Joyner started dating her. That’s why she thinks she missed a lot in life during the years she wasted with Joyner. Cole knows that maybe Joyner wanted to keep her forever – his safety net. But life doesn’t work that way.

You could’ve spoiled her, ay, but you starved her, yeah, yeah

Joyner could have treated her like a queen – nurtured her with love and affection. But he starved her. Anyone who is hungry would do anything to feed themselves. Her too. Now she’s with big stars who feed.

“Your Heart” is the perfect amount of chaotic energy and a perfectly balanced life joke between Joyner Lucas and J. Cole. If the two artists had taken a similar position, the song would have been very lopsided. However, this song and the music video live up to it.

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