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“Crisis” is the first track from Joshua Bassett’s three-track EP titled “Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free”. This song acts as her side of the story in her breakup with Olivia Rodrigo, who released a “driver’s license” about their breakup. His personal life crisis has now become the tradition of the world written in the history books.

The EP ‘Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free’ is the second EP released by actor and singer Joshua Bassett, following the release of his eponymous debut EP in early 2021. All of these EP releases will likely culminate in the release. from Joshua’s debut studio album. year.

Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo were lovers during the recording of Disney’s “Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series”. The lovers did not arrive after the end of the recording, which led Olivia Rodgrio to release her first single “Driver’s License”. In this song and the album that followed, Olivia Rodrigo portrayed her ex-boyfriend as the villain of the breakup. “Driver’s license” has been a major worldwide success, breaking record after record. Joshua Bassett responded to that with “Lie Lie Lie” in his debut EP and he’s back for more.

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Joshua Bassett “Crisis” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review

Verse 1

Joshua Bassett begins with the hidden intention of this song;

My label said never spoil a crisis

Looks like he’s saying he’s the one taking advantage of their high-profile breakup by posting a song about it. But the horse has already left the stable. However, Joshua’s debut EP came at the right time. Either way, the point he’s trying to figure out isn’t about his musical releases. It is about how Olivia Rodrigo capitalized on the fame she gained through the “driver’s license” and the following album “SOUR”.

In the entertainment industry, there is a golden rule; even “negative publicity is good publicity.”

Joshua Bassett was clearly on the losing side in this ex battle. He had no chance to prevail over the success Olivia Rodrigo enjoyed with her album inspired by the breakup. So it makes sense that Joshua Bassett would say he didn’t want to be in the limelight anymore.


Joshua Bassett claimed that Olivia Rodrigo lied about their relationship and their breakup in songs and in their personal circles. She painted him villain all over. Joshua doesn’t back down. He says he also has truths to reveal.


One of the main premises of Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver’s license” and the album is that her ex evolved so easily after their split. She didn’t see him hurt like she did. It hurt her even more. Then Joshua answers;

But don’t you dare act like I don’t love you
Don’t think i didn’t hurt too

Joshua Bassett reveals to us that his love for her was true as long as it lasted. There is no rule that says you have to suffer alone after a breakup. But it’s up for debate!

Half of what you say is only half true
Messin ‘with my life like a career change

Joshua continues to claim that Olivia Rodrigo’s version of their story is only half true. She probably didn’t expect her career to start the way she did. But her record company definitely made her earn those dollars once she did. The more popular her career, the more it had a big impact on Joshua’s personal life. For him, it was his personal life that was thrown off a bridge and the other side seemed to stop at nothing.

You would never dare to ruin a fit

The lyrics above are the theme of the “crisis” that comes full circle. In the first verse, Joshua explained how his etiquette advised him to take the opportunity of this situation. He did not want. She did it.

Verse 2

In the song’s second verse, Joshua details how he received death threats after Olivia Rodrigo’s career skyrocketed. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Joshua explained this in more detail;

I would see TikToks with around 50 million views and 10 million likes saying, “If I ever see this kid on the street, I’m gonna kill him.” It’s hard to see that and then live in New York and walk the streets.

It’s pretty ugly to watch professional affairs turn into personal affairs and the general public take matters into their own hands.

Joshua continues to point fingers at his ex for stoking the flames in pursuit of his professional career success. Maybe he’s trying to label his ex as “superficial” for doing what she did.


In the song deck, Joshua Bassett pursues his slander or the revelation of the truth. He points out that it was she who broke things up between them and it was she who left. A person who sets things aside first does not necessarily blame them. Maybe they realized they weren’t being treated well and decided to go away.

If anything, we’d never know who was at fault in the Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett breakup saga. One thing we do know is that their story is now set in stone in the history of music.

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