Johnny P’s Caddy

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Johnny P’s Caddy

[Intro: Benny the Butcher]
Yeah you know?
Tana talk 4this shit means a lot to me, you know what i mean?
You know that shit don’t feel as good as it looks (Big Griselda)
I’ll keep it real with you (Black Soprano Family)
I’m straight (I’m fine)
This street shit made me who I am today
Niggas know I went so hard for this shit
I deserve this shit, nigga (Ah)
The butcher is coming nigga

[Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
This ain’t my rags to riches story, more about how i mastered physics (Uh-huh)
In the game, I was training like Rocky, I was catching chickens (Yeah)
I was nice, but they were right when they told me that rap was a business
I had ten bands in my stash when I hit half a million
Come easily? No good, don’t be surprised I outlast these niggas
It’s like they pop out a smash then they go in a flash, admit it
And then they made pieces and dissed us like it gon’ add up the numbers (Fuck you doin’?)
They show fake racks in pictures like that’ll attract female dogs
It was really me, nigga, I don’t have to act in Conflict (No)
Only difference is I live, and I woulda hit one of them niggas
Who knew that after the drug trade, I’d still be casual, spending over a million?
Annual income, so here is my manual and some
And that Eastside shit still in me
My ability to turn words into pictures is probably the reason they’ll remember me (Let’s talk)
Picture me, walk this tightrope with the agility of a feline
The street gave me so much bullshit, I could never live civilly
I can never leave the stage without visually checking my mirrors
Come on with that energy ’cause shit’s always gonna stay with me
They want to know what I brought to Griselda, I say “Validity”
They ask “What work y’all niggas did?”, I’m like, “What haven’t we done?”
Problems that I correct through the obstacles that I progress
Illogical for them to feel responsible for our success
Besides Con and West, tell me who else I gotta respect (Who else?)
‘Cause I’m a little puzzled, it’s time I got my respect
It’s the butcher, nigga
Oh let’s go

[Interlude: J. Cole]
It’s time I got my respect, it’s the butcher, nigga
Yeah, Cole damn world
Griselda shit, you know what I mean (Griselda)
You know what it is, nigga, when I show up
I’m on ten, nigga, not nine

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
The night I was born, the rain was falling, God was crying
Lightning struck, power outage, sparks were flying
The truth is there, the young boy who walks with the lions

Around the chalk outlines where the corpses lie
Of course I’m trying to revive a sport that’s dying
But the guns and the drug bars you all rely on
These nerds think you niggas as tough as me

But that just means I’m not as comfortable with lying as you are.
Stretch the truth, no I never stress in the cabin
They feel the pressure, I feel like I just left the masseuse
Effortless the way I skate on these records was proof
I put your favorite rapper neck in a noose, never let ’em let go
Cold World, the heater blast through your speaker
He’s the last of the Mohicans, no weak last in my sneakers
Nigga want me on a song, he gon’ see the grim reaper
I will probably go to hell if jesus asks for a feature

I’m higher than niggas and I don’t need a bag full of fridge
Some see the glass as empty, I see a glass full of ether
Gathering his bread in droves like he was a Catholic preacher
Just to count a cash nigga, you might need a calculus teacher
Eureka, Einstein on the brink of relativity theory
Really no equal to MC, you feel me?

Cole pen is lethal, crib like an old MTV show, uh
On God, the best living rapper
Headshot, now go ask the best rappers that died
They tell you he never lied, nigga

[Outro: J. Cole]
Yeah, Tana Speaks

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