Jack U Hits Back with “Take U There” Remix with Missy Elliott

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Jack U is a combination of Diplo and Skrillex and the combo was formed in 2013. Their debut single “take you there” was released in 2014, and now we have the remix of “Take U There” with a special twist – Missy Elliott. After Missy Elliott’s incredible halftime performance at the Superbowl this year with Katy Perry, everyone spoke about the hip hop queen’s return to music. Looks like Jack U picked her up before anyone else. Missy Elliott features on the remix of “Take U There” with original singer Kiesza and the two DJs.

Listen to the remix of “Take U There” with Missy Elliott

It’s a pretty cool remix. EDM is what Jack U does best, but not Missy Elliott. Although these are uncharted waters for Missy Elliott, she still gives a strong performance on the track.

Buy Jack U’s Missy Elliott “Take U There” Remix on iTunes/Amazon

The remix, released on February 17, is already making waves on the web. This only makes us wonder about a possible return of Missy Elliott in the industry. Her Superbowl halftime performance took us on an emotional trip down memory lane with some of Missy Elliott’s best music from the 2000s. She misses hip hop and her fans. Come back soon.

We love to hear from you. Leave a comment on what you think of Jack U’s Missy Elliott remix. And how excited are you for Missy Elliott’s return?

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