J Cole’s New Album “2014 Forest Hills Drive” Is Already The Hottest Topic Around


J. Cole released his new album “2014 Forest Hills Route”On December 9, 2014. So, just after a week of airing to the public,“ 2014 Forest Hills Drive ”debuts at # 1 on Display panel 200 graphic. Billboard said it was an “easy” decision, which makes sense given the quality of this album.

J-Cole hasn’t released any singles, promotional tracks, or clips for this album. He didn’t even play tease with the album news. He tweeted;

“What’s up? My new album is done. It’s called Forest Hills Drive 2014 and it’s very special to me. It’s available everywhere on 12/9. This time I’m not going out. no singles, just the album See you in 3 weeks Thank you for the love and support.

Direct, informative and no bullshit, just like the new album “2014 Forest Hills Drive”. Without any promotion of any kind, J-Cole’s third album sold out 354,000 copies the first week. It’s tiny compared to Taylor Swift’s “1989”, but the circumstances couldn’t be more contrasting.

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This is the talented rapper’s third album and the third to top the Billboard charts. Talk about his success from the start. This album, however, will be a breakthrough success considering the trend so far.

The album was named after his 2014 home in Forest Hills Drive, North Carolina. And the album seems a bit personal to him. The album cover shows J. Cole sitting on the roof of his house.

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Cover of the album “2014 Forest Hills Drive”

Complete list of “2014 Forest Hills Drive” tracks

1. Introduction
2. January 28
3. Wet Dreamz
4. ’03 Adolescence
5. The story of 2 citizens
6. Fire brigade
7. Saint-Tropez
9. No role model
10. Hello
11. Apparently
12. Do you like
13. Note to self

To purchase individual pieces, visit Amazon.com

Listen to J. Cole’s “Fire Squad” from “2014 Forest Hills Drive”

Let us know what you think of this album. What is your favorite track from the album? Comments below.

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