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“let.go.my.hand” is the eighth track from J. Cole’s 2021 album “The Off-Season.” The track features vocals by Bas, 6LACK and an uncredited release by Diddy. All the artists talk about certain lessons they have learned about life during their respective journeys.

J. Cole announced his sixth studio album “The Off-Season” out of the blue as planned. The rapper only released an interlude from the album before the album was released on May 14, 2021. This is J. Cole’s follow-up album to his 2018 project “KOD.” Announcing the album, J. Cole said that the new album had been in the works for years.

The title of the song is said to be inspired by the son of J. Cole when he said “Daddy, let go of my hand” walk alone. Cole also remembers a feud he had with Puff Daddy, but he realizes that the past is best forgotten.

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“let.go.my.hand” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the chorus of “let.go.my.hand”, J. Cole calls this song a “soldier’s song”. It could mean that this song is something of “hope” despite all the odds against it. A soldier’s song is a song that lifts spirits, gives hope and gives meaning to action.


In the track’s only verse, J. Cole gets to work. He begins by unraveling some thoughts he was sitting on. He wonders if what he’s doing really matters. Cole makes music, which is pretty good too. He and many other artists have been brewing the same butter for so long – topics like racial discrimination, gun violence, police brutality, to name a few. But did any of their attempts make a difference? He’s asking himself.

Cole also reveals that the beat for this song was sent to him a year ago. He listened to it and sat on it. Inspiration doesn’t always click.

J. Cole also reveals that he is a man of many religions. He heard about the Koran, the main text of Islam, and he found it interesting. He read the Quran and extracted wisdom from it. But he is not one to stick to the requirements of the Quran to be a devotee.

Suddenly, J. Cole snaps into his relationship with his son. Cole knows the kid is growing up fast and he doesn’t have to go through all the hardships Cole went through as a child. However, Cole has no intention of making his son a softie. He knows everyone will go to the kid’s throat when he inherits his father’s wealth.

J. Cole remembers his childhood growing up on the streets. He did a tough act because otherwise you wouldn’t survive. He acted tough for the fear of his life. A gunshot still gives Cole chills.

In the last part of the verse, J. Cole talks about his altercation with Puff Daddy AKA Diddy. As the story goes, Kendrick Lamar’s 2013 single “Control” sparked controversy for calling out several top hip-hop artists such as Jermaine Cole, Wale, Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky , Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler and Mac Miller. Kendrick called himself the “King of New York” and that didn’t sit well with these artists. Following this, at the 2013 VMAs after-party, Diddy went to confront Kendrick and J. Cole interfered. This leads to a brief scuffle between the crews of each group and soon they split up and went their separate ways.

J. Cole says that at that time he was just a young artist eager for whatever success was in store for him. He did not know better than to fight against a competitor who put himself in front of him. Cole now says he knows better, in fact he knows too much now. He no longer cared about fighting.

“Ignorance is bliss” is sometimes one of the best tips you can take home!


The outro is from Diddy, proving there is no beef between him and J. Cole. These words are a prayer to God to give them strength, open their eyes and guide them through the obstacles of this world with love and compassion!

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