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“95.south” is J. Cole’s opener from his 2021 album “The Off-Season.” On the track, J. Cole brags about his dominance at the top of the rap game and how he enjoys the perks that come with it.

J. Cole announced his sixth studio album “The Off-Season” out of the blue as planned. The rapper only released an interlude from the album before the album was released on May 14, 2021. This is J. Cole’s follow-up album to his 2018 project “KOD.” Announcing the album, J. Cole said that the new album had been in the works for years.

J. Cole also has rapper Cam’ron on the track’s chorus and outro, although it is not listed as a feature. There are also several dedications on this track to artists such as Nelly, Kelly Rowland, Kid Cuid and Eric Clapton.

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“95.south” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

J. Cole starts strong. He says the rap game has become too easy for him now. Almost all of his albums have gone platinum in sales, which means having over a million copies sold. He also makes fun of artists who release very long albums (containing around thirty titles) which only sell 100,000 copies. Meanwhile, J. Cole releases a 12-track album and it goes platinum. It’s the quality of the music that counts, rather than the quantity.

The best line in the song is probably; “If I bet on myself, then I will completely double.” No matter the end result, make sure you believe in yourself and give your best in everything you do.

He motivates listeners more by singing that you have to work day and night until you achieve your goals. “sleep is the cousin of death” raps J. Cole. This line is also a tribute to Nas’ 1994 track “NY State of Mind”.

Finally, J. Cole gives a nod to his past where he witnessed so many inhuman things. He raps that angels shed tears in heaven seeing the shameful state of humanity in some cases. Following this, Cole gives a shout out to legendary musician Eric Clapton and his 1992 song “Tears in Heaven.”

Verse 2

In the song’s second verse, J. Cole gives a shout out to a few notable artists. He mentions Nelly’s hit song “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi and possibly Eminem.

The majority of the verse is devoted to talking about Cole’s competition, which he believes to be non-existent. He says going against him is very bad for their health.

He ends the verse with an acknowledgment of police brutality against African Americans. He says the police are good at chalking out the bodies of fallen black men, which seems to be a trend these days. However, Cole says that God is watching and welcoming all of these fallen brothers into his kingdom.

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