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“Monday” is the fourth track from Imagine Dragons’ 2021 album “Mercury – Act 1”. The song is a sweet dedication to the love Dan Reynolds has had with his wife for 10 years. However, despite all misconceptions, Dan Reynolds calls “Monday” the best day of the week!

Imagine Dragons released their fifth studio album “Mercury – Act 1” on September 3, 2021. The album featured two singles “Follow You” and “Cutthroat”. imagine Dragons Tweeted on the inspiration behind this album; “We have spent the last three years working on this record. Life has been incredibly hard for everyone in the world. We have all felt the loneliness. We all felt the solidarity. We have all felt fear. This album is meant to be a source of happiness.

Dan Reynolds spoke about the inspiration and meaning of “Monday” with USA Today magazine; “It’s just a love letter to my partner and my wife for 10 years. We’ve been through a lot together and she’s the lifeblood of everything I do. I wanted to create this song that we could dance to and it was ironic. It started with (Wayne) putting this Prince-esque guitar together. I love his cheeky side. Every time I listen to (the song) I smile.

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Imagine Dragons “Monday” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

Verse 1

In the song’s opening verse, Dan Reynolds sings about how much he is there for his significant other in times of need. When they’re depressed and helpless, the singer promises to turn the dials of their lives up and make them feel better. Will they do the same for him?

According to the interview above, Dan Reynolds’ partner has been there with him throughout his dark times. Throughout the album, Dan talks about how he dealt with drug addiction, anxiety, and severe depression.

Verse 2

In the second verse, the singer says he can never get tired of her. A million calls from him and he still can’t get enough of hearing her voice.

“Pound-for-pound” is a reference to being equal in a relationship. It also means that either person carries the same weight in a relationship, being the supporting arm for each other.


In these lyrics Dan Reynolds sings;

You are my Monday, you are the best day of the week
So underrated and a whole new start
Don’t care what all the kids say

The singer is aware that all kids and people stuck in their 9 to 5 job hate Mondays. However, the singer puts a new twist on the day by saying it’s a whole new start every week. It’s like he’s living a whole new life with his partner every week.

Verse 3

In these lyrics, the singer gets a little cheesy when confessing his love to his wife. He says he never lets his wife’s calls ring. He can’t wait to hear her voice every time.

After 10 years of marriage, it is both impressive and beautiful to see that Dan Reynolds is still in love with his wife.

Let us know if you agree with Dan Reynolds’ rendition of Mondays in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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