I Pray For You

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I pray for you

[Intro: Labrinth]
I pray for my enemies
I pray for my friends
I pray for the one who won’t betray me anymore
Pray for the killers, I pray for the saints
please pray for me now
‘Cause baby I’m praying for you
I pray for you, mmm
I pray for you, mmm
I pray for you
Pray for you (you)
I, you, oh

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Rarely do we see the Phoenix rise from its ashes
Lightning struck twice out of four classics
Self-preservation, we separate from plastic
The ankle of my sweat still elastic, still do gymnastics
If Hov is forever young forever
Then I’m somersaulting back through these chapters

Land in the soft white, cook it until off-white
They question my dashboard, hold it in front of a torch
I hid it in the porch light, see, I had the foresight

My 9-1-1 pulled up to match the Porsche night, ooh
Married drug dealer, even named my son Brixx
He raps what he lives, so fuck the nanny, go sit down

He’s the grown man in me
Looking for the plug, it’s the nomad in me
Always the X factor, it’s the Rohan in me

Reluctantly a model
Who drowned in too many bottles of gold
Harold Melvin without the blue notes
The last ten years, screaming “Uno”
Then step aside in the duet

The kings of Pyrex
I’m my brother’s keeper if you listen and dissect
I only talk about money if you listen to my dialect

Bitch, I shot “Grindin'” in my momma’s mom projects
I’m just being honest with you, what about the context?
You can live forever when the shit you write is timeless
We gon’ live forever ’cause the shit we write is timeless

[Bridge: Labrinth]
Oh, oh (Ooh)

[Verse 2: Malice]
tell me what i missed
New designer drugs and emotions I don’t understand
I’m no Hellcat, I always paddle when I change gears
Flashbacks from Vietnam, I’m triggered by a sniffle
Today’s top five only reinforce my myth
Belong to Rushmore right after chiseling a brick

Still fighting demons, see, this curse is now my gift
Secrets die with me, it’s as deep as the abyss, it’s no coincidence
When I was in the mix, opened your nose like I cut it with Vicks
Slavin’ on stoves like I rub sticks together
Paved another road for my soul to coexist
But God only knows, I won’t dig another ditch

In a suit and tie, like you put on the Ritz
Three record deals show me ignorance was bliss
I’m tryna milk a game that’s only two percent
X told you Hell is hot, I told you “Repent”
Faith never gave up as I walked along the fence
Faith moves mountains, so what are you up against?
Look at my bro around you bitches, I know he’s faking
I greet you with the love of God, that does not make us friends
I could whisper in her ear, “Bury Them All”
Light another tiki torch and carry it again
Back on my high horse, it’s tanks again
Put the ring back on her finger, marry her again

[Outro: Labrinth]
Oh, oh (Ooh)

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