I Hate YoungBoy

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I hate YoungBoy

Say, 10
Let’s hear this shit, Rell (Ah, ah)
Horrible, get started (Lil Top)
I don’t give a fuck, man, listen (Nigga, yeah)

“YoungBoy, they’re gonna kill you, you better stop drawing ’em”
Tell ’em niggas, “Fuck ’em”, man, they know I ain’t scared of ’em
How you say shit when nothing’s dead about your cousin nem?
Quando has no filter, and he says that, they will fuck with them
Clean aisle Oyoungin’ let that chop blow
Ayy, bro let that stick blow, nigga know that’s my smoke
He called me a bitch, it’s India, it’s your bitch
Posted with that stick like indians, they want my soul
I threw the body, bitch, I got like thirty million, my mind is gone
And I’ll be rich in my coffin when my time is up
I hustle Wooski, I end up with groupies at my house
Why did you drop that stupid song? Pussy bitch, you should have known
My daddy tell me, “Leave it alone”, but I’m like, “Man, fuck these niggas”
I used to fuck with Gucci ’til I saw he liked ’em
Mama know I’m ruthless, talk dumb, make me break a nigga
They know I’m under house arrest so they feel like they official
Bitch, I kill you, then I take your whistle, God knows I don’t like you niggas
The feds wanna lock up a nigga ’cause he carry baby missiles
Bitch, don’t raise my baby mama, she richer than your niggas
Every nigga done a feature with it, just slime to get ’em
Get ’em ready then point a dude, field goal, Romo
Know I keep this nine with me, you can act like you don’t know
Baby with them, 4PF – four poles on fire
You want me for the Dot, tell that pussy, “Pass the line”
And fuck ’em, man, tell ’em”Baba free“, it’s my evil twin
Youngin bounces on his tiptoes when he sneaks
He took a drug test but still on drugs, a prescription arrived
I end up with my baby mamas, I got no fuckin’ friends
He got Rolls, my boy McLaren, he got Maybach and Range Rover
He got a Bentley GT, Redeyes, black upholstery
Slide in a Tesla, and he got this
Pussy nigga diss me, mad about his dead homie
Nigga, I’m real blood, and I scream, “Blatt”
I break free, they know where I am, I’m posted ‘cross this lane
I still don’t wanna drop my son off, I know someone might get hit
Board the jet, you know I fly, land, smoke thrax
Where are you? Your safety, they blow themselves up too
I don’t give a fuck about that rap shit, I’ll kick your ass
Your daddy hit the feds, fuck that dude he a female dog too
Tell her to sit next to your cousin mom while that bitch cries too
And that little bitch, he said “4L”, huh? I say “Heads or tails, slime”
Tell ’em, “Kill YoungBoy”, y’all gon’ fail, hah
Let me check my mail, five, fifteen mills, just for mud
Stomp it in his fuckin’ face, I left it with my Nike sign
Free Lil Meech offline, niggas know I’m a big slime
Win, lose, no draw, nigga, these boys know I’m mine
I don’t know anything but iron slang, don’t answer anymore
I just wanna get the female dog gone, he’s been waiting since the start (Ha-ha)
You know where I stay, don’t let me find your home (Fuck you)
They won’t let me see my girl from the moment I’m (Bitch, boom, boom)
Listen to that blicky sound, that’s the Dada tone
I feel like Boosie don’t even like me, bitch, don’t call my phone (Fuck you)
Tell Apple I said “Fuck ’em”, they promote his song (Say, 10kiss my ass)
They hate Tim and Quando, they act like they wrong (Kiss my ass)
YouTube streamers, they dickin’, unresponsive (Kiss my ass)
You fuck with them, don’t fuck with me and that’s how it goes
When I release, this pure drop, it’s pure drug
Chinese Kitty don’t wanna be my girl, she likes these people
Mama told me to take my Ritalin and I said “No”
Sarah Snyder always thinks I’m tripping because I’m really slow
Wait, I ain’t even, I ain’t even rapping, Jason
I’m really just, I’m really just letting these niggas know it’s “Fuck them”
You hear me? These bitch niggas act like they scared to die
YoungBoy, I’ve been a thug, I’ve been mud, I’m not afraid to die
I don’t fuck with CC, but my older brother Crip
I’ll be on DC, DC, Marvel, that’s him
I repeat, I’m just waiting for them for the check
Fuck the whole industry, they know I’m tryna reach it

Hah, yeah, it’s 4KTrey, Nawfside, 38, nigga, free DDawg
We put guns in the face, bitch nigga, how you wanna do it?
You already know what I’m sayin’, nigga, who gon’ die today?
Dirty nigga, we put guns in your face, you heard me?
These bitches, man, these bitch niggas act like they don’t like YoungBoy
I guarantee you can’t say a single thing YoungBoy did to them motherfucker niggas
These bitch niggas hatin’, you hear me? I don’t trip these fuckin’ niggas
These motherfuckers niggas gonna get it, you hear me? They will catch it
These gon’ catch anything a nigga throw at them, believe that
You hear me? That slimy shit, you hear me? Big 5, can you hear me?
We gon’ kick for life, nigga, how you wanna do it? Yeah
And I don’t fuck with you niggas, believe that
(YoungBoy, they gon’ kill you, you better stop dissin’ ’em
Tell ’em niggas, “Fuck ’em”, man, they know I ain’t scared of ’em
How you say shit when nothing’s dead about your cousin nem?
Wheno don’t have a filter, yeah, he say that, they gon’ fuck with them)

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