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American singer and songwriter Howie Day has enjoyed modest success during his career spanning more than two decades. And almost all of that success can be credited to her 2004 single “Collide” from her second studio album. Despite being 17 years old, this is a song that will probably live on forever and will concern many of us.

Howie Day released “Collide” as the second single from his second studio album “Stop All the World Now”. Another hit for Howie Day is “She Says”, released as the third single from the same album in 2005. The album sold over 500,000 units in 2005, propelled by the release of these two songs. “Collide” is the only Billboard Hot 100 entry for Howie Day in his career so far, peaking at No. 20.

Howie Day wrote the lyrics for “Collide” with Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin. The latter spoke about the meaning of the song in an interview with Songfacts; “This song is about the words of people coming together despite their difference, and this song, ‘Collide’, is about a person who is sort of closed and insular and not a sociable person, coming together with someone who l ‘is. And that despite being two different types of people, you still come together and find common ground. And then literally collide with each other and how life has a way of doing it. . “

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Meaning of “Collide” lyrics and review of the song

The word “collision” is a very unusual word choice to describe a relationship. The nature of the word is such that it describes mighty forces and destruction. So, Howie Day tries to say that their relationship, if it ever comes to it, will be a force to be reckoned with due to their differences in traits. The perfect real example for this is how two opposites of two magnets attract and collide with force.

Verse 1

As Howie Day sings about an almost perfect morning, where the sun is shining and you are tangled in bed with your lover, there is a much more poetic idea behind these lyrics. The lines “you hardly wake up” and “I am tangled in you” say they may have known each other for a while. He’s been in love with her for a long time, but not her. But eventually, she realizes that there might be something worth hanging onto between them, something more than friends. the “light” that shines through also symbolizes the way their eyes open to this possibility of relationship, thus removing any darkness in their life.

We already know he didn’t budge from her when he started to have feelings for her. This is because he doesn’t / doesn’t have the guts to do something like this. He waited for reality to jump out at him too. He was “open” for a relationship all this time and it was “closed”.

Where i am you will go

This is another smart saying to highlight the differences between the guy and the girl in “Collide”. He’s not the type to take leadership, but she is. Thus, he will follow her wherever she leads them. But, the lyrics cleverly reversed cause and effect to make it seem like he was in charge. But he doesn’t, and he knows it.

He is afraid of changing anything about them (for example, that he takes initiatives) because he is afraid of losing her and not seeing her smiling again. He would rather be “open” to his “closed” ways, hoping to keep his future alive.


Even the best sometimes fall
Even bad words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I sort of find you and I bump into

These words enchanted everyone. They are beautiful and also intelligent.

The chorus just seems to profess the guy’s love for the girl and how they “hook up” despite their differences. He begins by singing about how even the mighty sometimes fall. Their relationship is far from perfect. But they can overcome anything.

In the next line, Howie Day warns us that even bad words “seem to rhyme” sometimes. This is true and these worlds are called “half rhymes”. Notice how “(sometimes” almost rhymes with “rhyme,” and “to listen” almost rhymes with “collide.” While this is genius lyrical skill, it also hints at their relationship that despite having different personality traits, they can still ‘rhyme’ together.

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Verse 2

Also in the second verse, Howie Day talks about their differences. It seems to worry him a bit. He is a calm and discreet guy. That’s the reason he hasn’t moved from her the whole time. It is easily unnoticeable. However, the girl strongly contrasts with these features. She stands out in a crowd and makes a strong first impression. She’s the kind of girl anyone would notice and want to be with. So he is afraid. Even when he realized she was inside him, he felt her bones stutter.


The bridge changes the melody of the song while Howie sings “I lost my place. He also literally lost his place and his rhythm in the song! Thematically, he says their current situation in the relationship (neither here nor there, as they have just awakened to the possibility of a relationship) is not a place to stop. He wants to move forward, with her. And as usual, he won’t take her hand (and spirit) and lead her to a relationship. Rather, he will follow her behind and hope she goes in the direction he wants.

“Collide” is a mixture of a lot of emotions. Often times a guy can end up on the end of the girl’s leash. He is afraid of rejection. He is afraid to scare her away. So he waits patiently.

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