Hopsin Lays Out the Truth in “Fly” (Song Meaning, Analysis and Lyrics Review)

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Hopsin is a one-of-a-kind artist. He has a clear vision of what is happening in the world and, even better, he has the ability to turn his ideas into fine words. He may not have Eminem’s technicality as a lyricist, but he delivers a powerful message with every line. “Fly” was released as the second single from his latest album “Pound Syndrome”.

hopsin fly artwork

Artwork of “Fly” by Hopsin

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The song is massive and lasts up to 5 and a half minutes. However, it is worth exploring the lyrics of the song.

Meaning of the song “Fly” by Hopsin

The first stanza serves more as a backdrop to the song. He says he views the things that others typically choose to ignore as “societal norms.”

I was taught that education is the only way to get there
So how did I get so much money in my savings?
My teachers never saw the heights I was fucking aiming for
Did the man who invented college go to college? Hmm ok then
Am I the only one who noticed humans on the same shit?
All your thoughts are sailing in the same boat
And if so, then that’s the reason you ain’t shit
Let me light you my niggas, just let your brain drift

A powerful intro in a powerful song. It captures our attention. It makes us think. It makes us wonder. It makes us curious that this person really has something to say. Then we go to the first cannonball of “Fly”.

First of all, the best kind of marketing is marketing that doesn’t look like marketing.
It makes people feel like they’re part of it
And when it’s done right, companies think it’s wonderful
They feed us these ideas and then we place them in our hearts to sit
This is why players are good at having chicks
This is why Nike is good at selling kicks
This is why Disney is loved by all children
Why McDonald’s Owners Are Super Rich We’re Too Blind To See Them Pitching

Right off the bat, Hopsin addresses the disasters created by big business. They’ve pretty much brainwashed us all so we can’t even see what they’re doing to us, because we’re so in tune with their beat. We never see their “sales pitch”. It’s so clever. And corporations earn super normal profits on our blindness.

See when it happens, we take our health, our wealth, our lives and just put it back
To think we made this from organic thoughts
I know you’ve seen parents trick children with candy, toys and Santa
The same method is used to trap adults
But instead of candy, it’s with money, religion, drugs and alcohol
Mention this shit and it’ll turn us all on
I seen niggas fight over cigarettes like a pack of dogs
They get you addicted and then they laugh at you all

It doesn’t stop there, making them rich. One of the pit stops is when all these corporations are draining us of our wealth and health. And we can’t even point a finger at them. If we do, we always point four fingers at ourselves. Because only our ignorance allows them to manipulate us for their benefit.

Hopsin says children are tricked by their parents with candies and toys. But when they grow up, they are deceived by a whole set of things: money, religion, drugs and alcohol. We are so attached to all these things, even to our religion, when what we should do is withdraw from these worldly attachments (there is Buddhism for all of you).

The sad thing is that we don’t see, feel or even realize the influence they have on us. It’s been etched into our souls – being chic and trendy by consuming all that fancy stuff. We think these thoughts are generated within us, but they are not. They have been transmitted to us by complex and very subtle means.

hopsin fly

Human evolution went wrong because of ‘consumerism’

I really hate to tell you but your life is played with it
You haven’t seen the world because you’re stuck in the Matrix
Everything we were taught was a lie
Open your eyes, open your mind and fly

The chorus of “Fly” delivers the hard truth to listeners. Hopsin likens this structured world/society to the Matrix – once you’re in there, there’s no getting out. It’s easy to get lost. It’s hard to see anything beyond the confines of the Matrix once you’re there. Hopsin openly says that “everything” you were taught was a lie and invites all of us to open our eyes and let our minds fly.

Man, can’t you see we’re robots who don’t know what to do when we’re down on our luck
In the real world until we get out of this cooler
Your whole life has been part of a whole plot
To keep you down while they’re up, keep quiet then they won’t stop
They always try to show us what we don’t have
They do this to us until we finally break and buy a gold watch
Knowing we need money for rent

Humans today are driven by goals. They have no goals other than the goals given to them. A robot designed for shooting will perform poorly if it fails to get a clean shot. This is how we are right now. Hopsin says it’s all a plot. A plot to drain us of our lives for the benefit of the rich. They – the corporations – are always creating fantasies that are not always realistic for us. They keep doing it over and over to brainwash us. Ultimately, some of us succumb to greed and want and try to get what we don’t have through illicit means. And this is where the cycle is complete.

They pack ideas like it’s oxygen
They make us feel like if we don’t have it, we fucked up and we can’t fit in
This fucking system is not your friend
And understand that they control your thoughts because they have a lot to gain
Niggas get turned down when I mention that
Ignorance is bliss but I don’t care, I won’t censor shit
The matrix is ​​real when you type it
It’s way too complicated for you to realize, you fucking simpleton

“Ideas” are what are actually sold. It’s a shoe. It’s a watch. It’s a car. There is nothing more for us. Shred the marketing with the naked eye and you can see the truth. Marks are what kills us. They give the impression of being a necessity for life. They make us look incompetent if we don’t have the latest trend. They fucked very well with our brains.

“Ignorance is bliss” in these times of indoctrinated, selfish and misogynistic society. But Hopsin is not one to back down. He does not censor himself or his ideas. Hopsin calls us “morons” who don’t understand the intricacies of The Matrix. Yes I agree ! (As I update my status on Facebook, while listening to Hopsin’s “Fly” on YouTube, after eating a delicious meal from KFC.)

Yo, fuck Hollywood, fuck all these reality shows
Make us feel lame unless we blow stacks on new clothes
Making us feel like we ain’t cool unless we got some hoes
Making us feel like we’re ugly, unless we got a new nose
I see naturally beautiful women taking Botox, fake boobs
Fake lips, they’re so brainwashed and it don’t make sense

The media, in general, is the worst part of it all. They have the ability to create things out of nothing. It’s all about perspective, and they only allow us to have a selective perspective, the one they want us to see.

The maidens are just as fake as they are now. Everything about them, from the hair to the toenails, is fake. The natural beauty of women? Pfftt! However, it had all been planted in our heads as we grew up. TV, movies, Hollywood and celebrities are all part of a beautiful wheel – a wheel that crushes the simple-minded and makes them a new fake human being. There are very few who have not been crushed by this wheel.

Focus on your life and the path you are on
‘Cause y’all are too busy worrying about what Kim Kardashian is doing
Check it out, most of that bullshit your sheep watch on TV
It’s fake as fuck and it’s not real, I rebel against it
It’s the devil’s business, they all bring you back
If they say it, we do it, yo, I’m tryna tell you man

“Fly” also gives valuable life advice. Forget to feed your family because ‘KUWTK’ is on? Damn it. Focus on yourself to change. No, not wearing makeup and feeling good is an invented “feeling better”. Feel beautiful in the nature in which God intended you to be. Kiss her. Everything else is the Devil’s business. There is no way out. Listen to “Fly”.

The system created the black image stereotype
That’s why my people are afraid to be different, why don’t you understand?
I’m done practicing these ridiculous rituals
It’s time for me to become a real individual and just make me

There is no real problem between blacks and whites. I believe it was created by the system for their benefit. Now people are literally afraid to talk about color. Is this what we wanted? Or is that what they wanted? Steal your mind and discover yourself.

Use your mind, be yourself
And, and no one but you
You and the meaning of life has no rules, no rules, no rules
Fly away
Fly away
Fly, and fly, away
Life is too short, just live it
The world is just complete
Go get it, it’s beautiful

The last part of the track is an almost inaudible whisper of what this song is really about. It is an invitation to open your mind and your brain. It is an invitation to open the door of truth. Life was supposed to have no rules. But where do all these rules come from? Were they created? There is no time to live by these rules – there is much more to this short life.


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