Golden Child

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The Golden Child

(Ride me, YC)
Smurk (Uh, uh)
(Red Dead, I’m so fucking banging, bruh)

[Verse 1]
I share clothes with killers (Let’s go)
Who fired? I don’t remember (Yeah)
That coke bitch, remember? (Let’s get it)
Fuck hoes at Bryson Tiller (Yeah, yeah)
Make monster hoes bite the pillow (Let’s go)
I cut coke for the dealers (I cut coke)
If he got more body than you, you can’t lil bro nigga (Yeah)
You’re shoving bags to power the plug, so why you nicked the nigga? (Yeah)
If you got power with that Tommy, you can ghost a dude (Yeah)
I fuck a female dog, her pussy dry, I could use some lotion on her (Yeah)
Live by the gun, you die by it, these niggas ain’t trainin’ niggas (Grrah, grrah)
I really ended up with noodles (Noodles)
Know a pit that was born a poodle (Let’s go)
That shit wasn’t moving, so the poot (the poot)
This shit look like voodoo (Let’s go)
You say you got good gas (good gas), that shit doo-doo (good gas)
That foo-foo shit, the feds solved the case with that YouTube shit (Uh)
I told an old face fresh out of jail, this shit here he ain’t used to (Let’s go)
Hi young niggas, hit ’em, baow, that female dog roo-roo
I’m talking about Dracs and switches (Dracs and switches)
Bitch, I don’t pay for kisses (I don’t pay)
I’m akh, but I like Christians (Let’s go)
I know an akh who fucks with Christmas (Let’s go)

Guard it
Keep it all but, uh, that MAC, you know, like
Dude, what?

[Verse 2]
I bought my Lamb’ with money
This boy is dead, I’m happy
I don’t speak languages, period, I don’t fuck with Vlad
In New York, I dress like Fab
Too rich to jump in taxis
Sip drank, I don’t fuck with dab
She snoops, close the tab (Yeah)
I’m Smurk, I’m a golden child (Yeah)
I’m a street nigga, I eat at the Tao (Yeah)
Hundred million, I’ll throw in the towel (Yeah, yeah)
I done eight bricks, still in fashion (Yeah)
Got an Apex, cover the tab (Yeah)
Bring a super bitch to the lab (Yeah)
If she quiet, then fuck her hard (Yeah)
Got gas, don’t fuck with light (Yeah, yeah)

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

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