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“Heat Waves” is the fourth single from the 2020 studio album “Dreamland” by British band Glass Animals. The moody song became the band’s most successful single to date, appearing at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Upon releasing the album, Glass Animals explained the inspiration behind “Heat Waves” on Apple Music notes;

“It all started with a personal experience that everyone has had: a friend starts dating someone and, little by little, changes the way they dress. And then the way they speak. And then everything. Eventually you get to the point where you say to yourself, “Who is this? Where did my friend go? Well, this song is about realizing that it happened to you, that it was you who changed. You have become someone that you are not. I was trying to figure out if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but at the end of the day I think it’s about hitting a wall – a point where you can’t change anymore or you’ll lose the foundation of that. you are. You will become an attachment to that other person. It happened to me and I saw it happen to so many friends. And there’s a point where you see your reflection and you’re like, “Oh, damn. All the lyrics play on it – mirages, hallucinations, things like that.

Glass Animals released a music video for the song and also explained the meanings of the visuals on YouTube;

“This video is a love letter to the live music, culture and friendliness that surround it. It was filmed during the height of lockdown in my East London neighborhood by the lovely people who live around me, just using their phones. These are people who usually attend shows, galleries, go to the movies, etc. These places are now empty and many of them will not survive. The song is about loss and longing, and ultimately realizing that you are incapable of saving anything… and this video is about that, but for the sake of art, being together and human touch. Great love and thank you to everyone who got involved and helped. When everyone leaned out the window to film, I felt the same sense of oneness and dizzying energy that occurs during live performances. It made the coldness of playing in an empty room with the band glued to the screens even more heartbreaking. “

Combining all of these elements, the song is about living in the moment. There will be things that cannot be changed and let go of those things. You will also never be able to make everyone happy all the time. If you try, you lose touch with who you are. Be yourself and let every other piece fall into place.

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Glass Animals “Heat Waves” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review


In the song’s melancholy opening, the singer talks about the mirages that occur on heated pavements.

The shimmer of the road stirs the vision
Heat, heat waves, I swim in a mirror

These wavy lines on the roads appear when the roads are heated by the sun and the air layer above the roads warms up and moves upwards. These mirages often blur vision.


In the chorus of the song, the singer recounts how his spirit sometimes goes back to the good old days.

Sometimes I only think about you
Late nights in mid-June
The heat waves made me pretend
I can’t make you happier now

Mid-June is generally the hottest time on Earth in most parts of the world. The singer is lying in his bed, unable to sleep because he thinks of a lover he once had. He knows the past is the past now and there is nothing you can do about it. Just the fact that he’s thinking about it now just doesn’t make sense. But he attributes his uncontrollable thoughts to the June heat, which he claims has the same mirage effect on his brain as on the roads. The heat burned his brain to lose sleep over past mistakes. No matter how much he thinks about the past, he can’t make her happier now! He has already given up his chance to make her happy and save their relationship.

Verse 1

In the song’s first verse, the singer talks about how he usually gets distracted after their breakup some time ago. He turns on the TV, hoping that something can make him forget his mind. It often serves the purpose. But when the heat waves get too strong and her brain burns out, even the characters on TV remind her. This is a very common sequel to a rupture. Everything seems to remind them of being in love.

The singer tries to shake himself up to return to the present. He understands that she deserved better. She wanted things he could never provide. So breaking up was the best decision for both of them.

Verse 2

In the second verse, the singer talks even more about their devastating breakup. The friction between them only grew, no matter what they tried to work out. They got to a point where they felt like they were sucked into their lives.

You look so broken when you cry
One more and then I’ll say goodbye

Watching someone you love cry is one of the worst feelings ever. He didn’t have the heart to let her go when she collapsed on his shoulder. Maybe one more day or one more kiss or one more hug could make things less worse for them ?! This is usually never the case.

Let us hear your similar experiences in the comments below. What was your solution?

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