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Frank Ocean mixes Spanish and English in his latest tease titled “Cayendo”. Although the song was teased in October 2019, the song was eventually released in April 2020. The song was released vinyl wrapped with another single “Dear April”.

This emotional ballad by Frank Ocean is about the painful feelings of being stuck in one-sided love. We hear Frank say that even though she doesn’t feel the same way about him, he will still love her. Despite the grief this person caused him, Frank still can’t make up his mind to let them go.

Listen to Frank Ocean’s “Cayendo”

What does “Cayendo” mean?

“Cayendo” is a present participle of the Spanish verb “caer”, which means “to fall” or “to fall”. As the present participle refers to an action in progress, “cayendo” means “to fall” or “to fall”.

The chorus, sung in Spanish, roughly translates to English as below;

“He won’t talk about me, he won’t talk about that either
What he wants from you, I wouldn’t refuse
If it didn’t break me I will never break
If I can take what I’m feeling, why am I falling?

Maybe this person is in love with another. So there’s really nothing Frank Ocean can do about this situation he’s stuck in.

Most likely, we will all be able to relate to the context of this song at some point in our lives. Even if it isn’t, the emotions of Frank Ocean that run through this track make us miss a love that we didn’t even have.

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