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American rock band Evanescence is gearing up to release a brand new studio album, which is a long time coming. They just released the album’s fifth single, “Better Without You” ahead of the album’s release. This new single is a personal tally of what lead singer, Amy Lee, and the band themselves have had to overcome on their journey thus far.

Evanescence have announced their fifth studio album “The Bitter Truth”, which is slated for release on March 26, 2021. The album follows their previous work “Synthesis” from 2017. However, “Synthesis” was a remix album of their previously published material. Therefore, “The Bitter Truth” album will be the band’s first original material released since their third studio album “Evanescence” released in 2011.

The musical arrangement of “Better Without You” takes you back to the good old days of Evanescence at its peak. The track has Evanescence’s classic musical and vocal imprint throughout.

Lead singer, Amy Lee, talked about the song in an Instagram post;

This song is about my journey and what I had to overcome to get to where I am and where our band is today. I fought many battles for me and my music that are very intertwined (some of them internal). Each verse is for a different obstacle along the way, starting in the past and ending in the present. There are parts of my story that you don’t know unless you know me, and yes, verse 2 is about some of my experiences in the industry, but don’t get me wrong – it’s deeper and more dark than that. Obviously I still have things back to get rid of my chest. I hope this will serve to empower others who have felt helpless.

Don’t let the voices that tell you you’re not good enough live in your head. Don’t let them write your story. Never let fear stop you from being who you were born to be. This fear… I am. We are. Better off without you.

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“Better Without You” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Verse 1

Amy Lee has been the one constant in Evanescence’s journey as a band. But she had to crawl through the lower depths of the music industry to establish herself as the “leader” of a group. In a 2016 interview, Amy Lee discussed misogyny in the industry; “It’s hard to be a woman in the rock industry. People want to see you as the girl next door. It’s not that people don’t like you or aren’t nice to you. But they also don’t want you to tell them what to do, because they don’t expect you to really know what to do.

In the lyrics, Amy Lee tells us how she was the band’s lead singer and frontman onstage. But the industry didn’t want her taking calls for the band behind the curtains.

‘Cause it’s my world, baby girl, you’d be lost on your own

These are the harsh industry words that reach into the artistry and personal space of musicians, especially female artists. Amy Lee says she had to back off a bit, gritting her teeth and waiting for a better time to get up. Maybe now is the time.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Better Without You,” Amy Lee points out how she was made to be an industry puppet, perhaps by her former record company. The lyrical “sign on the line” signifies the signing of the record company contract, which is a big deal for an artist just starting their career. However, these lengthy and usually quite complicated legal contracts are very favorable to the record company.

Taylor Swift has an ongoing legal battle with her former label Big Machine Records over owning and not releasing the rights to her first six albums. Kanye West released all the pages of his contract to protest against record companies holding masters of artists’ songs. ‘Tik Tok’ hitmaker Kesha has sued her former music producer, Dr. Luke, for “sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse”. So, record labels trying to manipulate artists is nothing new in the music industry.

So the story that Amy Lee tells in this song has nothing to do with the disgusting reality of the music industry.


A king is nothing without his people who work to make the kingdom work. And a record company is nothing without its artists who shed blood, sweat and tears to make new music, sacrifice so much to tour the world and sell their music. Additionally, Evanescence’s former label ‘Wind-Up Records’ had to go out of business in 2016. Wind-Up’s biggest artists were Evanescence, Evanescence, and Evanescence. And the label was sued by Amy Lee in 2014, for withheld royalties of up to $1.5 million.

it makes me smile to know that
I’m better off without you

In 2014, Amy Lee announced that Evanescence’s contract with Wind-Up Records had ended and she would continue as an independent artist.

Verse 3

In her Instagram post about the song, Amy Lee mentioned that the song moves from past to present, which makes the third verse about her thoughts on her current situation.

In these lyrics, Amy Lee talks about how the roles have turned over the years. From his associates to his record label, all the parties that once blew the wind on the ongoing fires are now themselves reduced to ashes. And what these people don’t realize is that the fires they are contributing to are not only burning themselves, but also hurting everyone around them. However, if they had cared about anything, they wouldn’t have acted erratically, to begin with.

Throughout the song, one thing that stands out is that Amy Lee is definitely in a better mental state right now. We rarely see happy endings in the music industry when artists are under pressure. But we’re really happy to know where Amy Lee and Evanescence are at right now.

Sometimes we are all better off without that person in our lives!

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