Emma Blackery – Cute Without You (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)


27-year-old British YouTube star Emma Blackery is more than an average YouTuber. She might have lots of video games, parodies, podcasts, and funny videos, but she has also released 6 albums so far. Perhaps her 1.4 million YouTube subscribers are witnessing the diversity of Emma Blackery’s talents.

“Cute Without You” is Emma Blackery’s debut release in 2019, following the release of “Villains” debut studio album in 2018. The new track may be part of an upcoming project. Fans quickly understood the emotional growth of the artist having released “Nothing Without You” 2 years ago from his EP “Magnetized”.

In a YouTube video, Emma Blackery revealed that she made the song within 24 hours. The video is produced for a Match Perfection Foundation makeup brand.

The song is about self-healing after a breakup. Having confidence in yourself and saying “enough is enough” for heartbreaking games over and over again are things that you need to heal yourself. Now the ex might find this “crazy” behavior letting go. But Emma knows better. He already has a new girlfriend and his emotional immaturity is his problem now! Insolent!!!

Check out the lyrics video for Emma Blacky’s “Cute Without You” below.

Being strong and not backing down is one of the hardest things to do after a breakup. Emma has her hair tied back and is adamant that the breakup is final and that she won’t fall for his lies and apologies again. Instead, you just feel ‘cuter’ with yourself and only yourself and move on!

Emma Blackery teased that she will be on tour soon and more details will follow.

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