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[Spoken: Eminem]
I think once I took my first Vicodin, it was like, that feeling of “Ahh”
You know, like everything is not only soft, but feeling no pain
It just doesn’t-, it’s just a little numb
I don’t know when exactly it started to be a problem
I just remember loving her more and more
People tried to tell me I had a problem
I would say, “Get that fucking person out of here, I can’t believe they told me this shit, they don’t know a thing about my fucking life, are they crazy?”
I’m not there shooting heroin, I’m not fucking there, you know I put coke in my nose, I don’t smoke crack
You struggle with the argument “Do you have a problem or don’t you have a problem?” Can you control it or not? “
And I literally thought I could control it
You take things that people give you, you don’t even know what it is
They look like a pill, and they look – they’re shaped like something you take, so you take it, you know?
Xanax, Valium, tomato-tomato
You know what I mean? It’s the same, it’s all in the same family, damn it, take it
If I had arrived at the hospital about two hours later, I would have died
My organs were shutting down, my liver, my kidneys, everything
They were going to have to put me on dialysis, they didn’t think I would make it
My ass was gonna be death, in a month I had relapsed
And I took the same amount of pills that I took

I just remember walking around my house and thinking every day, like I’m going to fucking die, like, I’m watching my kids, and I need to be there for that
Coming out of it all, I was literally up twenty-four hours a day for three weeks in a row
And I mean don’t sleep, not even fall asleep for a fucking minute
Like, I was literally up, like, watching TV
I had to regain my motor skills, I had to regain my speech
It’s been a learning process, like, it’s been, I’m growing up
I just couldn’t believe that anyone could be naturally happy, or function naturally, or just enjoy life in general, without being on something.
So I would say t-anyone that I-it gets better, you know? It’s just – it does
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