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Eminem dropped a sudden remix of a track from his latest album “Music To Be Murdered By: Side B” of 2020. More surprisingly, Eminem brings in two of the younger generation rappers Jack Harlow and Cordae as partners in the crime in the remix of “Killer.”

Eminem returns from a stellar year in 2020 with two consecutive albums; ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ and ‘Side B’ from the same project. “Killer” is a track from the latter project, and the remix features brand new verses from all three artists. The “Killer (Remix)” released on May 28, 2021.

This is the first time that Eminem has collaborated with Jack Harlow or Cordae. The highlight of the song is when Eminem says he has no problem with Snoop Dogg after Snoop Dogg apparently downplays Eminem’s success as an artist by saying that Eminem wouldn’t be who he is without. Dr. Dre.

Another big part of the song is when Eminem remembers his friend Proof. Eminem appears to be carrying the cross for Proof’s death after being shot in 2006 by a certain Mario Etheridge.

Jack harlow Tweeted about working with Eminem; “Thanks @Eminem It’s a real to-do list here… something I fantasized about as a kid.”

Cordae Tweeted that there are still more collaborations with Eminem to come; “S / O the Goat @Eminem, we’ve got more too.”

Listen to “Killer (Remix)” by Eminem, Jack Harlow and Cordae

“Killer (Remix)” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Jack Harlow goes first and he begins with a nod to none other than Eminem himself. He recounts how he pretended to be like Eminem, wearing a beanie and headphones around his neck. However, now her phone is still vibrating because of all the offers that come to her. He really did. Now all women want to be his baby, just like Ronnie Spector (of girl group Ronnetts) sang on 1963’s “Be My Baby”.

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The classic B-Rabbit look with a beanie and headphones from the movie ‘8 Mile’ (Image: spottern.com)

Soon after, Harlow pays a new tribute to Eminem by singing “I’m on a song with my idol.” It could also be an aspect for him to consider himself “successful” in the industry.

Besides this dream collaboration, further proof of her success are all her diamond jewelry and Louis Vuitton accessories. He also adds that a Bimmer (slang for BMW cars) is on the way to his collection.

Jack Harlow also jokes that he’s not a “Twitch streamer”. Twitch.tv is a platform popularized by gamers that live stream their games to millions of people around the world. Jack might be implying that he doesn’t play games when it comes to his career or this collaboration. Or, fans are speculating it could be a shot at rapper Logic, who retired from music and started streaming on Twitch as a full-time career.

Jack Harlow ends his verse with “Same child just a little more elegant” a symbol of wealth and good health.

Verse 2

Cordae skips over to the second verse of “Killer (Remix)”. Cordae uses this spotlight with Eminem to flex his lyricism and rap at the top. It drops smart bars and rhyme schemes to top it off.

Cordae talks about how he went from nothing to one of the most influential hip-hop artists in the game right now. If you want proof, listen to this song. Cordae is on Eminem’s radar.

A whole generation of geniuses that I influence

A notable line in Cordae’s verse is when he says he has no affiliation with superficial women who only have money on their minds. However, he formulates this in a clever way to refer to the $ 24 million diamond that Lil Uzi Vert had implanted on his forehead.

He also reminds everyone that his 4 track EP ‘Just Until…’ is on the way soon.

Verse 3

Eminem goes last and he goes strong.

The beginning of the verse is the perfect association with the title of the song “Killer”. Eminem says his verses are as hard as they come. Sometimes they are as good as life sentences handed down by judges in court cases. This is true because Eminem was responsible for the murder of certain careers of artists who dared to go against him! With these lines, he also winks at his album ‘Music To Be Murdered By’, a true testament to Eminem’s genius.

Eminem says his rap style is called “guillotine” because he beheads rappers who are bold enough to stand up to him. Entirely produced in the studio or freestyle on location, whatever for Eminem. He’s still confident in his ability to take on any rapper with the mic and lyrics.

A bit of Eminem mockery of Lil Wayne as he says he’s going stronger than ‘Carter III’, Lil Wayne’s most infamous album. “Carter III” was Lil Wayne’s sixth studio album released in 2008. The album also earned a place on Rolling Stone magazine’s “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time” list. Most would consider these times to be the heyday of Lil Wayne, as the rest of the Carter album series failed to live up to its legacy. However, Eminem continues to sell himself and outdo his old self to this day.

Eminem also names Cardi B and compliments her body, and nods to Megan Thee Stallion’s single “Body”. Building on the “corps-odi” rhyme present in the song of Megan Thee Stallion, the name of Eminem drops John Gotti, an American mafia boss of the Gambino family. Gotti is responsible for many corpses during his reign!

One of the most notable lines in Eminem’s verse is when he talks about the death of his childhood friend Proof.

The only L that I ever took was when I lost the proof (Yeah)

It’s interesting and sad to see that Eminem still blames himself for Proof’s death even though Eminem has nothing to do with it. Eminem most likely took responsibility for protecting his friends, and in this specific case, he failed. Eminem raps about gang violence in his iconic 2004 track “Toy Soldiers”. Ironically, in the “Toy Soldiers” music video, Proof plays another rapper (Bugz) who gets shot in the street. It was just two years before Proof was shot the same way in 2006.

Eminem goes on to mention that the only time he was sued was by his own mother – one for the records! Eminem did not have the best relationship with his mother, Debbie Mathers, due to her addiction issues. In 1999, Debbie Mathers filed a lawsuit against Eminem valued at $ 11 million for libel, a recurring theme in Eminem’s earlier works highlighted in songs such as “Cleanin ‘Out My Closet,” “My Mom “And” My Name Is. “However, the involved judge ruled out that Eminem owed him only $ 1,600. However, in 2013, Eminem apologized to his mother in the song “Headlights”, admitting that she had made the most of the worst situation.

I just called Snoop and I talked to him (What?), We’re all cool (Yeah)
Dre, me and the Dogg good, Doc, we got you

These lines speak of the “alleged” feud between Eminem and Snoop Dogg that erupted and fizzled out in 2020 itself. In an interview, Snoop Dogg apparently downplayed Eminem’s success by saying that Eminem isn’t his top 10 rapper list and also that Eminem wouldn’t be anyone without Dr. Dre’s influence on him. Eminem approached him on the track “Zeus” from the album “Music To Be Murdered By” saying that he is used to people saying nonsense about him, but he never expected to. from someone on their own side referring to Snoop Dogg’s comments. Although the “alleged feud” was mostly one-sided, it died down sooner than it started. And in “Killer (Remix)”, Eminem clarifies the situation; “We’re all cool. “ Dr. Dre has mentored Eminem and Snoop Dogg, and Eminem confirms that Dre’s kids won’t fight! Massive respects all around!

Another nifty line from Eminem is “East side until I die. I will represent until the end as a chameleon. He says he will represent the east side of Detroit until his death. “Rep” is short for “represent” and “represent to the end” is a clever pun for “reptilian” followed by the fall of the animal chameleon which is a reptilian. More importantly, a chameleon is able to change its skin color to camouflage itself with its surroundings. Eminem himself has been through decades of change in rap and hip hop and still remains relevant today. If 2021 demands BOPs, here comes “Killer” with an extreme whim.

Pushing to half a century, a lot of people used Eminem’s age to make fun of him. So Eminem casually sings “Twenty more years, I could probably go” and “Until the day when me and the grim reaper meet, I measure ten toes until I am six feet deep” he will continue to rap. At some point, Em’s enemies have to stop bringing up this point, as it has proven to be silent and unrelated to their career!

Eminem is a cold blooded killer and age is just a number!

Eminem no longer needs to release music. He certainly didn’t have to write and produce a new verse for a remix of his own track from a year ago, but he did. If enemies want inspiration and dedication to the game, play Eminem on a loop!

Let us hear what you have to say about this remix and collaboration in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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