Eminem Drops Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze’ (Artwork, Tracklist, Stream)


Eminem took us all by surprise when he decided to release a brand new album today. Yes! A brand new album, titled ‘Kamikaze.’

First up, we got a taste of a new song by Eminem from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie “Venom”. He posted a preview of the song on social media and all fans were waiting for the full song. Instead, Em drops a bomb on us with the new album “Kamikaze”.

Eminem was a bit removed from music for a few years prior to 2017, and one can only assume he wrote. Or, he just got attached after ‘Revival’ in 2017 and came up with these 13 tracks.

“Tried not to think too much about that 1… enjoy it,” Eminem captioned, with the release of the album produced by Dr. Dre.

Marshall also released the album cover and tracklist for the album.

Complete tracklist of ‘Kamikaze’ by Eminem

  1. The ring
  2. the biggest
  3. Lucky You (feat. Joyner Lucas)
  4. Paul – sketch
  5. Normal
  6. Em calls Paul – sketch
  7. Springboard
  8. Not Alike (feat. Royce Da 5’9 ′)
  9. Falls
  10. Suicide bomber
  11. Nice Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  12. Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  13. Venom – Music from the movie
Album tracklist

Tracklist of the album “Kamikaze”

If you carefully assess the artwork, you will be able to see the pilot of this aircraft giving the middle finger. This is the classic Eminem. Additionally, the Reaper sticker signals impending death and there are several deaths reported due to this album.

On the tail of this aircraft, the letters “FU-2” are printed. It means “Fu * k You too”.

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Why “Kamikaze? “

‘Kamikaze’ was a special air force unit used by the Japanese during World War II. Translated as “divine wind”, these planes were responsible for destroying the warships of the Allied forces. Note that these were suicide planes. More history lessons on Wikipedia.

Eminem must report that he is about to kill several people with this new album. He is in the pilot’s seat and the plane is drawn as if it is crashing into something.

Collaborations on the album ‘Kamikaze’

Joyner Lucas, Royce da 5’9 ″ and Jessie Reyez (on two songs) are featured on this album.

Eminem also draws a lot of people into his focal point on this album. He just doesn’t care about the competition. He specifically mentions a few artists in the industry.

Actress Kathy Griffin was delighted that Em still remembers her from the “The Real Slim Shady” music video collaboration in 2000.

Most critics consider the album ‘Kamikaze’ to be a throwback to its Eminem roots. The classic Eminem-the Marshall Mathers.

Welcome, Eminem!

Let us know what you think of this album and Eminem’s tracklist. Surprised? Leave a comment below and share it with other Stans.

UPDATE: 09/01/2018

The ‘Kamikaze’ album release date on August 31 coincides with Joes Budden’s birthday on the same date. Joes Budden was a major source of attacks throughout the album, especially in songs such as “The Ringer” and “Fall”.

UPDATE: 07/09/2018

A closer look at the album cover reveals some interesting details carefully hidden from view. Notice the word “TICKUS” on the tail of the plane. It’s ‘SUCK IT’ written backwards.

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