Eminem – Chloraseptic (Remix) Ft. 2 Chainz and PHresher (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)


Less than a month after the release of Eminem’s latest masterpiece, he returns with a remix of one of the songs from the album ‘Revival’. “Chloraseptic” has always been an energetic track by Eminem that was about modern day hip hop. Now in the remix he replies with more fuel and energy, even addressing all the critics of the ‘Revival’ album.

On the original version of the album, PHresher performed the hook of the song while Eminem dropped all the verses. In the remix, however, all three artists drop verses and Eminem takes it up a notch in the third and final verse.

Listen to “Chloraseptic (Remix)” by Eminem

Chloroseptic remix for all of you !!!!! Enjoy !! Eminem

Chloraspetic is a popular throat medicine. Eminem uses this to say that modern rappers need throat medicine to hear them. Eminem calls these artists “mumbling rappers” who are seen as incomprehensible or flawed in lyrics.

Let’s take a look at the verse from Em.

Lyrics review and meaning of the song “Chloraspetic (Remix)

Verse 3

Bin Laden with a pen, remakes the body
I start to slaughter your men, it probably should have been
Ali of spin, incarnation of golly sin
Like a Saudi in the Taliban plotting an event
In the lobby of the Intercontinental
With obvious intention
And I won’t even give in a little
Like Osama with a rhyme under the trash
And in the middle of the Pentagon

Eminem compares himself to a terrorist with a pen. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi national terrorist leader who left a black mark on humanity. Eminem says he is similar to Osama when he writes his lyrics. Marshall Mathers has never been the only one filtering his lyrics and he’s not ready to start now.

Eminem also refers to the Al Qaeda bombing of the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

And hit a kindergarten with a rental

Eminem refers to all the future hip hop “stars” who are born with money overnight and their lives become one endless parade of luxury that they can’t even afford.

Mature rap, why can’t you be like Macklemore? Eh?
Why do you always have to slap a whore?

Rapping in a more mature position has been a complaint Eminem has received all his life. He’s asked to be more like Macklemore who has a good message crafted into silver lyrics in almost every song. Slim Shady is just not Macklemore and maybe never will be.

Something must give, that’s for sure
Yet you keep coming back for more

Even though complaints mount, Eminem still creates a huge buzz when releasing a new track. The ‘Revival’ album was the second best-selling album of 2017 after Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ album.

Not as raw as I was, “Walk on Water” sucks
Bitch, suck my dick
You all saw the tracklist and you had a fit before you heard it
So you formed your verdict

Eminem talks about the nasty comments he received regarding the ‘Revival’ album. People claim “Walk on Water” sucks and Em responds directly to them. Eminem himself says, maybe the Stans need to calm down a notch. Rumors were enough to build tall castles and dreams on this album and eventually curiosity kills the cat.

But nowadays every flow, every cadence sounds the same
The brain is a powder keg, I’m inspired by hate
Real pain in the paper, I don’t trace
But if I look strange and out of place
It’s because I’m an alien, that’s why I write until the page is out of space, yeah

Eminem talks about the state of rap and hip hop music today. He used to call them “mumble rappers” and now he says these artists don’t have the intelligence to come up with appropriate lyrics.

He also admits that his verses are a real pain to whom they are directed. Last year, Eminem engaged in a freestyle rampage titled “Campaign Speech” against his views on the Trump administration.

Em includes a nice little pun at the end of these lines. He says he might sound like an alien because he has lyrics that run on pages until they’re out of space. “Outta space” also sounds like “outer space” where aliens come from.

But am I supposed to sound like everything else?
‘Cause I’m not compared to that, only me now

Eminem calls out to all those who have set the bar high for him. New rappers are popping out like mushrooms and making money fast and no one is blinking. But Eminem fails, it’s the end of the world. Eminem is never compared to any other artist in the industry, just because it’s an impossible thing to do. He also talks about it in his new single “Walk on Water”.

Full lyrics for “Chloraseptic (Remix) by Eminem”

Let us know what you think of Em’s latest remix of “Chloraseptic”. Which one was the best? The original or the remix?

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