Eminem and Nicki Minaj Join on “The Hills” Remixes by The Weeknd


Eminem has come out of hibernation once again to collaborate with another industry leading artist. The Weeknd’s “The Hills” topped music charts around the world. The album’s single ‘The Beauty Behind The Madness’ has its own groove, which only The Weeknd can produce. It’s surreal but warm.

the hills remix with eminem and nicki minaj

The Weeknd is supposed to perform live on Saturday Night Live on 10/10/15 (hosted by Amy Schumer) and before hitting the stage he released the mixtape of “The Hills”. Not just one, but two remixes with two of the most popular artists in the world. The Fort Hills. Eminem and The Hills Ft. Nicki Minaj is now available on iTunes/Apple Music. If you want individual tracks, you can buy those too. But The Hills remix album is only $1.99!

Listen to “The Hills” Ft. Eminem

“The Hills” Ft. Nicki Minaj

Eminem, although stuck in Detroit, is still on top of the Rap game. The verses of this remix track are proof of that.

You said you wanted some company
And I love it because the thrill is cheap
You said you left him for good this time
Still if he knew I was here you would kill me
But it’s time you met the real me, dirty
But hasn’t always been, will
Your pill will be, feeling I’ll always be
Your addiction, you can touch a prescription, but don’t fill me up
I let you see my dark side but like a mic check you got one too
So when the sparks fly, we hit the flight deck and soar
Like an ejection seat, from an F-15
But tonight we don’t need these pills, just the effect of each
Other wherever we go to film
‘Cause I want your ex to see
(Do you understand?) that…

Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, delivers her usual sultry verses.

Do you remember the time I arrived, with only panties under my coat?
High heels are just to the knee, and my legs were gripping that throat
You told me that and I quote, ’cause we took pills and you smoked
You said some stuff got me on my toes, it felt like I was doing coke lines
You always say it’s the best you ever had, in your life
And you always play good, when we speed off in that Wraith

Two high-contrast tones on a single track. That’s the beauty of these two remixes. If you like the two new remixes, let us know by leaving a comment below. Share this with your friends.

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